Great Lakes Curling Association

The Great Lakes Curling Association is a regional association of the United States Curling Association encompassing the states of Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and parts of Tennessee.[1]

Great Lakes Curling Association
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Membership19 curling clubs
AffiliationUnited States Curling Association
Official website
United States

Member ClubsEdit

The Black Swamp Curling Center in Ohio
State Club Name City Type Year Founded
Indiana Circle City Curling Club[2][3][4] Indianapolis Arena 2007
Fort Wayne Curling Club[2][5][4] Fort Wayne Dedicated 2010
Michigan Copper Country Curling Club[2][4][6] Calumet Dedicated 1993
Delta Rocks Curling Club[2][4] Escanaba Arena
Detroit Curling Club[2][4][7] Ferndale Dedicated 1885
Grand Rapids Curling Club[2][4][8] Grand Rapids Arena 2020
Kalamazoo Curling Club[2][4][9] Kalamazoo Dedicated 2008
Lansing Curling Club[2][4] Lansing Arena 2010
Lewiston Curling Club[2][4][10] Lewiston Dedicated 1960
Midland Curling Club[2][4][11] Midland Dedicated 1962
Traverse City Curling Club[2][12] Traverse City Arena 2014
Ohio Bowling Green Curling Club[2][4][13] Bowling Green Dedicated 1968
Cincinnati Curling Club[2][4][14] Cincinnati Arena 2008
Cleveland Skating Club[2][4][15] Shaker Heights Arena
Columbus Curling Club[2][4][16] Columbus Dedicated 2004
Curl Troy[2][4][17] Troy



Arena 2010
Mayfield Curling Club[2][4][18] South Euclid Dedicated 1962
Tennessee Great Smoky Mountains Curling Club[2][4][19] Knoxville Arena 2004


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