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Benches on Great Cumberland Place.

Great Cumberland Place is a street in the City of Westminster, part of Greater London, England.


The street runs from Oxford Street at Marble Arch to George Street at Bryanston Square.[1]

It contains the Western Marble Arch Synagogue, near which stands a statue of Raoul Wallenberg.

Notable residentsEdit

Statue of Wallenberg

The street was the home of Thomas Pinckney while he was the United States ambassador to the Court of St James's.[2]

Sir James Mackintosh lived in Great Cumberland Street, which was later re-numbered as part of Great Cumberland Place.[3]

The residents listed in 1833 were: "Hans Busk, Esq.; Sir Clifford Constable; Sir Frederick Hamilton; Lady C. Underwood; Sir G. Ivison Tapps; Baron Bülow (the Prussian Minister); General Sir R. M'Farlane; Leonard Currie, Esq.; Sir S. B. Fludyer, Bart.; Lady Trollope; Earl of Leitrim; Sir Alexander Johnston; and the Hon. and Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Norwich", and in Great Cumberland Street "Lord Saltoun; Mrs. Portman; John Wells, Esq.; Colonel Sherwood; Captain Richard Manby; John Lodge, Esq.; Major Murray; Robert Cutlar Fergusson, Esq.; John N. McLeod, Esq.; and Lord Bagot".[4]


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Coordinates: 51°30′54″N 0°09′35″W / 51.5150°N 0.1597°W / 51.5150; -0.1597