Granzella Inc. is a Japanese video game developer based in Ishikawa, Japan. The company is formed from former Irem staff and engaged in planning, production and sales of console games. The company is known for developing the latest entry in the Disaster Report and R-Type series. Granzella was established in April 2011 by former staff of Irem Software Engineering Inc. (hereafter referred as Irem) after the cancellation of multiple video game projects as a result of the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami.[1] The name of the company is derived from "Granzella Revolution Army," which appeared in R-Type Tactics II: Operation Bitter Chocolate, a game from the R-Type series developed by the staff at Irem.[2]

Granzella Inc.
Native name
Kabushiki gaisha guranzeera
TypeKabushiki gaisha
IndustryVideo games
FoundedApril 2011; 11 years ago (2011-04)
ProductsConsole games

After the company's establishment, Granzella mainly focused on developing content for PlayStation Home. On June 30, 2014, the company was split into two business divisions: "Granzella Inc." which focused on visuals and "Granzella Overseas Entertainment Inc." which focused on developing games for Western audiences and smartphones.[3]

In December 2014, Granzella acquired IP and distribution rights of the Disaster Report series in all areas of the world, including future titles, from Irem.[4] The company then announced the restart of development work for Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories, which was previously in limbo after Irem halted development of the game. Granzella also began distribution of previous Disaster Report titles on download services and arcades.

In September 2015, the company announced a joint project with Bandai Namco Entertainment, which eventually became City Shrouded in Shadow. The game was described as a spiritual successor to the Disaster Report series.[5]

In November of the same year, the company announced the establishment of Gz Studios Inc., a video game development studio[6] and Granzella Music, a music sub-label.[7]

Games developed by GranzellaEdit

Title Platform(s) Release date Publisher(s) JP NA EU AUS
Soccer Love[8] Android, iOS March 30, 2017 Granzella Yes No No No
City Shrouded in Shadows[9][10] PlayStation 4 October 19, 2017 Bandai Namco Entertainment Yes No No No
Manga Kakeru[11][12] PlayStation Vita January 26, 2018 Granzella Yes No No No
PlayStation 4 June 19, 2018 Yes No No No
Hototogisu Tairan 1553: Ryuuko Aiutsu[13] Nintendo Switch April 26, 2018 Granzella Yes No No No
Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories[14][15] PlayStation 4 October 25, 2018 Granzella, NIS America Yes Yes Yes Yes
Nintendo Switch September 26, 2019 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Windows April 7, 2020 NIS America Yes Yes Yes Yes
R-Type Final 2[16][17] Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S April 29, 2021 Granzella, NIS America Yes Yes Yes Yes
R-Type Final 3 Evolved[18] PlayStation 5[a] March 2023 Granzella, NIS America Yes Yes Yes Yes
R-Type Tactics I • II Cosmos[20] Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox Series X/S Summer 2023 Granzella, NIS America Yes Yes Yes Yes
Disaster Report 5[21] TBD TBD Granzella Yes No No No


  1. ^ R-Type Final 3 content is also planned for release as a free update to R-Type Final 2.[19]


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