The seventeenth series of the British television drama series Grange Hill began broadcasting on 4 January 1994, before ending on 11 March 1994 on BBC One. The series follows the lives of the staff and pupils of the eponymous school, an inner-city London comprehensive school. It consists of twenty episodes.

Grange Hill
Season 17
No. of episodes20
Original networkBBC One
Original release4 January (1994-01-04) –
11 March 1994 (1994-03-11)
Series chronology
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List of episodes




  • Rachel Victoria Roberts as Justine Dean
  • Desmond Askew as Richard
  • Luisa Bradshaw-White as Maria Watts
  • Jamie Lehane as Russell "Jacko" Morgan
  • Natalie Poyser as Becky Stevens
  • Margo Selby as Julie Corrigan
  • Ian Steele as Brian Shaw
  • Nina Fry as Robyn Stone
  • Darren Kempson as Gabriel
  • Abigail Hart as Paula Webster
  • Martino Lazzeri as Joe Williams
  • Lisa Hammond as Denny
  • Alan Cave as Dennis Morris
  • Melanie Joseph as Lauren Phillips
  • Belinda Crane as Lucy Mitchell
  • Steven Hammett as Dudley Wesker
  • Natalie Tapper as Jodie Abedayo
  • Francesca Martinez as Rachel Burns
  • Amy Phillips as Jessica Arnold
  • Jamie Groves as Josh Davies
  • Aidan J. David as James "Arnie" Arnold
  • Colin Ridgewell as Colin Brown
  • Jenny Long as Anna Wright
  • Kevin Bishop as Sam Spalding
  • Lucie Carey as Hammy
  • Rochelle Gadd as Delia "Dill" Lodge


  • Stuart Organ as Mr Peter Robson
  • Lee Cornes as Mr Jeff Hankin
  • Jenny Howe as Mrs Angela Keele
  • Adam Ray as Mr Tom Brisley
  • Peter Leeper as Mr Malcolm Parrott
  • Paul Bigley as Mr Dave Greenman
  • Anna Quayle as Mrs Monroe
  • Karen O'Brien as Mrs Siobhan Maguire
  • Dena Davis as Miss Martha Jordan
  • Hakim Kae Kazim as Mr Manyeke




No. Episode Writer Director Original airdate
1 Episode One Sarah Daniels Vivienne Cozens 4 January 1994
Justine goes with Mr. Robson to meet a new American teacher, Martha Jordan, at the airport. Mrs. Keele gets rid of her credit card but Anna Wright puts the pieces back together.
2 Episode Two Sarah Daniels Vivienne Cozens 7 January 1994
Anna gets to have some fun with Mrs. Keele's credit card. Jacko tells Becky about his mother's condition, and that it has got worse
3 Episode Three Sarah Daniels Vivienne Cozens 11 January 1994
Mr. Robson finds his romantic aspirations taking a slight knock back at Martha's Thanksgiving dinner. Mrs. Monroe is locked in the school toilets by Anna. Jacko wants to take his mother to the seaside.
4 Episode Four Sarah Daniels Vivienne Cozens 14 January 1994
A car boot sale, football trials and a drama workshop are held at the school on a Sunday. Jacko sells some of his things. Arnie and Sam learn about a suspicious trade taking place in animals.
5 Episode Five Ol Parker Nigel Douglas 18 January 1994
Arnie and Sam's investigation into the animal sellers end up seeing them getting into some trouble. There is romance between Martha and Mr. Robson.
  • Note: First appearance of Abigail Hart as Paula Webster
6 Episode Six Ol Parker Nigel Douglas 21 January 1994
When Jacko takes his mum on a trip to the seaside, he ends up learning some family history. Mr. Robson nearly ruins his budding romance with Martha.
7 Episode Seven Diane Whitley Nigel Douglas 25 January 1994
Anna finds herself becoming involved in the "Animal Man" business. News about Martha and Mr. Robson spreads.
8 Episode Eight Diane Whitley Nigel Douglas 28 January 1994
Jessica ends up being attacked by Paula because of the rumour that Joe groped her. Mr. Robson and Martha attempt to discover the truth about what happened. Mrs. Keele collapses during a confrontation with Anna.
9 Episode Nine Chris Ellis Christine Secombe 1 February 1994
Mrs. Keele is in hospital recovering from her heart attack. Mr Parrott's maths test is photocopied by Dennis. Jacko spends more time with his mother but ends up losing his place in the band as a result.
10 Episode Ten Chris Ellis Christine Secombe 4 February 1994
Work begins on a school brochure as different pictures are taken around the school. Arnie, Sam and Anna end up using camera to get more clues about the animal smuggling.
11 Episode Eleven Chris Ellis Christine Secombe 8 February 1994
Mr. Robson receives some worrying news from the school inspectors. Arnie, Sam and Anna travel to Hertford and find Animal Man's farm. When Anna sees a puppy about to be drowned she makes her presence known.
12 Episode Twelve Chris Ellis Christine Secombe 11 February 1994
Arnie, Sam and Anna manage to beat the animal trader. After Mrs. Monroe sees the girls perform "Bits and Pieces" she decides it's too risqué to be seen in public.
13 Episode Thirteen Alison Fisher Vivienne Cozens 15 February 1994
The stage equipment being used for the girls' play is accidentally damage by Dudley and Dennis. When Justine goes to a party she ends up witnessing an attack on the way home.
14 Episode Fourteen Alison Fisher Vivienne Cozens 18 February 1994
The girls ends up coming up with way to get around Mrs. Monroe's ban when they perform their drama piece in the local park.
15 Episode Fifteen Alison Fisher Vivienne Cozens 22 February 1994
Sam can't find a location for the computer tennis tournament to be played at. Dennis ends up admitting that it was Brian who assaulted Jessica. Robyn and Julie's second attempt at babysitting is no better than their first effort.
16 Episode Sixteen Alison Fisher Vivienne Cozens 25 February 1994
Anna finds herself being forced to join the school choir and her talent ends up surprising everyone. A trip to East Germany is planned by the school.
17 Episode Seventeen Kevin Hood Nigel Douglas 1 March 1994
The year seven pupils put pressure on Mr. Parrott's failing voice so that he will be forced to quit the choir. Justine and Maria record Martha's singing in secret and play it to the music teacher so that she will be able go to Germany on the school trip with Mr. Robson.
18 Episode Eighteen Kevin Hood Nigel Douglas 4 March 1994
Sam ends up winning the computer game tournament but his winnings are confiscated by Mr. Robson. Maria spends the night with a man she met at a party. Maria later has a massive row with her father and Richard.
19 Episode Nineteen Kevin Hood Nigel Douglas 8 March 1994
The school choir travels to Germany for competition. A trip to a youth club ends up being an unpleasant experience. Jodie has to deal with youths who resent the intrusion of the English. Jessica ends up getting drunk.
20 Episode Twenty Kevin Hood Nigel Douglas 11 March 1994
Josh's war memorabilia could cause an explosive end to the trip. Martha decides that she can't give up on her life in America. Justine and Maria say goodbye to Grange Hill for good.

DVD release


The seventeenth series of Grange Hill has never been released on DVD as of 2014.