Govisümber Province

Govisümber (Mongolian: Говьсүмбэр, literally Gobi-Sümber) is one of the 21 aimags (provinces) of Mongolia. It is located in the center of the country. Its capital is Choir.

Govisümber Province

Говьсүмбэр аймаг
Railroad station at Choir
Railroad station at Choir
Flag of Govisümber Province
Coat of arms of Govisümber Province
Coat of arms
Govisümber in Mongolia.svg
Coordinates: 46°30′N 108°30′E / 46.500°N 108.500°E / 46.500; 108.500Coordinates: 46°30′N 108°30′E / 46.500°N 108.500°E / 46.500; 108.500
Established1994 (1994)
 • Total5,541.80 km2 (2,139.70 sq mi)
 • Total17,399
 • Density3.1/km2 (8.1/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+08:00
Area code(s)+976 7054xxxx
ISO 3166 codeMN-064
Vehicle registrationГС_
Sums of Govisümber


Borjigon clan said in "The Secret History of the Mongols" - one of the world great cultural and historical written relics, which was written in the 1240 - a year of white mouse. The great emperor Chinggis khan is a grandson of the Bodanchar in 11-th generation, who is the heir of the Burte Chono. It is stated in the historical literature that Bodanchar had separated from his brothers and founded the Borjigon clan. In 1691, when the Manchurian emperior Enkh-Amgalan made Mongolia its tributary state and divided four Mongolian aimags and seven khoshuus, there was founded Borjigon khoshuu of Setsen khan aimag.

In 1911 the name of the khoshuu is changed into Borjigon Setsen van khoshuu. In 1923 the name is changed into Otsol Sansar uuliin khoshuu. From 1931 it was called as Govisumber soum of the Töv aimag, Sumber soum of the Dornogovi aimag. From 1991 it was called as Choir city. From 1994 it is called as Govisumber aimag.


The Sums of Govisümber Aimag[1]
Sum Mongolian Population (2003) Population (2008) Population (2014[2]) Area (km²) Density (/km²) Sum centre population (2002) [3]
Bayantal Баянтал 838 851 1,084 916.06 0.92 120
Shiveegovi Шивээговь 2,685 2,745 3,198 857.55 3.20 1,800
Sümber (Choir) Сүмбэр 8,996 9,719 11,609 3768.19 2.58 7,998 * (2006[4])

* - The aimag capital is Choir


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