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According to the Political Constitution of the Free and Sovereign State of Yucatán, the exercise of the Executive Power of this Mexican state is placed in a single individual, that Constitutional Governor of the Free and Sovereign State of Yucatán who is chosen for a period of 6 years and is not eligible for reelection. The term of governor begins October 1 of the year of the election and finishes September 30 six years later.

Governor of Yucatán
Coat of arms of Yucatan.svg
Seal of the State of Yucatán
Mauricio Vila Dosal

since October 1, 2018
Term lengthSix years, non-renewable.
First holderFrancisco de Montejo
DeputyMaria Dolores Fritz Sierra - Secretary-General of Government.
Salary$141,152 mexican pesos (2013)[1]

The same constitution empowers those individuals to be elected Governor who have held the title of executive power but in a different way to the popular election, namely the interim, or temporary replacements. The latter has caused controversies and political conflicts, because in the view of several instances is in conflict with a precept of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States that stipulates that no state governor may hold power for more than six years.

The Yucátan state was created on January 31, 1824, being one of the original states of the federation, which along their history has passed through all the systems of government in place in Mexico, the federal system as the central system, so that the name of the entity has varied between state and department; varying with it, the name of the holder of the executive branch of the State.

Individuals who have occupied the governorship in the state of Yucatán, in its various denominations, have been:


16th CenturyEdit

  • (1526 - 1540): Francisco de Montejo. Adelantado.
  • (1540 - 1546): Francisco de Montejo the Younger. Captain General.
  • (1546 - 1549): Francisco de Montejo. Adelantado.
  • (1550 - 1552): Gaspar Juárez de Ávila- First Mayor
  • (1552 - 1553): Tomás López Medel
  • (1553 - 1554): Francisco de Montejo the Younger. Captain General and governor.
  • (1554 - 1554): Francisco Tamayo Pacheco
  • (1554 - 1555): Álvaro Carvajal
  • (1555 - 1558): Alonso Ortiz Delgueta
  • (1558 - 1559): Juan de Paredes
  • (1560 - 1560): García Jufré de Loaiza
  • (1561 - 1564): Diego de Quijada - First Mayor appointed directly by the king.
  • (1565 - 1571): Luis de Céspedes y Oviedo (first Captain General of Yucatán).
  • (1571 - 1572): Diego de Santillán
  • (1573 - 1576): Francisco de Velásquez Gijón
  • (1577 - 1581): Guillén de las Casas
  • (1582 - 1592): Francisco de Solís
  • (1593 - 1596): Alonso Ordóñez de Nevares
  • (1596 - 1597): Carlos de Sámano y Quiñónez

17th CenturyEdit

18th CenturyEdit

19th CenturyEdit

From Independence to the Mexican RevolutionEdit

Governors of the Free and Sovereign State of Yucatan since the RevolutionEdit

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