Government-organized demonstration

Government-organized demonstrations or state demonstrations are demonstrations which are organized by the government of that nation.

"Day of Young Women" on 9 August 1951 Friedrichshain during the 3rd World Festival of Youth and Students


The Islamic Republic of Iran,[1][2] the People's Republic of China,[3] Republic of Cuba,[4] Kirchnerist Argentina,[5] the Soviet Union,[6] Fascist Italy, and Nazi Germany among other nations, have had government-organized demonstrations.

In Iran, demonstrations such as the anniversary of Islamic revolution, are organized by government. In the past, people at these demonstrations have chanted "Down with Israel" and "Death to America".[7][8]

The North Korean government regularly organizes demonstrations against South Korea or the United States or in support of government policies.

Modern useEdit

Following the North Korean example, on 16 November 2013 the Bulgarian Oresharski Government and the ruling Bulgarian Socialist Party (formerly communist) organized a pro-government demonstration in support of their own governance, which had at the time the lowest-ever popularity amongst the Bulgarian population since the end of one-party rule.

A similar example happened in Poland on 13 December 2015 when Jarosław Kaczyński's party, Law and Justice, changed their annual unofficial celebrations of the anniversary of the introduction of the Martial Law into a pro-government rally [9] to counterbalance a 50 000 strong "prodemocratic demonstration" [10] organized by the Democracy Defence Committee, protesting against what they called the breaking of the constitution by Law and Justice' president Andrzej Duda and Beata Szydło's government.

During the Bolivarian Revolution, state employees in Venezuela have often been forced to participate in government-organized demonstrations or counter-demonstrations.[11][12] After the arrest of Colombian businessman Alex Saab, who had close ties with the Nicolás Maduro administration and indicted with money laundering, the Venezuelan government organized a demonstration in support of Saab.[13]

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