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Gorong archipelago is a group of islands between Watubela archipelago and Ceram in the Maluku Islands.

Kepulauan Gorom
Maluku Islands en.png
Gorong archipelago in the east of Maluku Islands
LocationSouth East Asia
Coordinates4°01′22″S 131°25′01″E / 4.02278°S 131.41694°E / -4.02278; 131.41694
Total islands3
Major islandsGorom, Panjang and Manawoka
Population27285 (2010)
Ethnic groupsMelanesian


The Nagarakretagama, an Old Javanese eulogy to king Hayam Wuruk of Majapahit written in 1365, mentions "Gurun" amongst the tributary countries of the kingdom.[1]

The English naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace described the islands, which he called Goram, in chapter 25 of his 1869 book The Malay Archipelago.[2]


The archipelago has three islands.[3]

  • Gorom, the biggest island, with the villages of Miran (Miren) on the east coast, Ondor (Ondur) in the northwest and Hur on its southwestern coast.
  • Panjang to the west of Gorong, with Wisalem village in its southern end.
  • Manawoka in the south, with the villages of Arbau in the north, Amar and Derra, and Nama in the south.


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