Golets Sokhondo

Golets Sokhondo (Russian: Голец Сохондо) is a mountain in the Khentei Range, Khentei-Daur Highlands. Administratively it is part of the Transbaikal Krai, Russian Federation.[3]

Golets Sokhondo
Голец Сохондо
Highest point
Elevation2,504 m (8,215 ft)[1]
Prominence933.9 m (3,064 ft)[1]
Coordinates49°43′12″N 111°05′06″E / 49.719962°N 111.085136°E / 49.719962; 111.085136Coordinates: 49°43′12″N 111°05′06″E / 49.719962°N 111.085136°E / 49.719962; 111.085136
LocationTransbaikal Krai,
Russian Far East
Parent rangeKhentei Range,
Khentei-Daur Highlands
First ascentNikita Sokolov, August 1776[2]

The Sokhondo Nature Reserve, a protected area surrounding the mountain, was named after this emblematic summit when it was established on 11 December 1973.[4][5]


This 2,504 m (8,215 ft) high mountain is one of the highest points of the Khentei-Daur Highlands, part of the South Siberian System of ranges. It is located in the southwestern part of the highland area, not far north from the border with Mongolia.[6]

Golets Sokhondo is a ‘’golets’’-type of mountain with a bald peak belonging to a massif which includes a smaller summit, the 2,404 m (7,887 ft) high Little Sokhondo.[7]

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