Goldsmith Prize for Investigative Reporting

The Goldsmith Prize for Investigative Reporting is an award for journalists administered by the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy at Harvard University. The program was launched in 1991, with the goal of exposing examples of poor government, and encouraging good government in the United States. There is a $25,000 award for the winner.

The Goldsmith Awards Program is financially supported by an annual grant from the Greenfield Foundation.



News organization Reporter Title Year Summary
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Carrie Teegardin, Danny Robbins, Ariel Hart, Jeff Ernsthausen, Alan Judd, Johnny Edwards "Doctors & Sex Abuse" 2017
Chicago Tribune Sam Roe, Karisa King, Ray Long "Dangerous Doses" 2017
Los Angeles Times David S. Cloud "California National Guard Enlistment Bonus Scandal" 2017
Sarasota Herald-Tribune Josh Salman, Emily Le Coz, Elizabeth Johnson "Bias on the Bench" 2017
The Wall Street Journal John Carreyrou, Christopher Weaver, Michael Siconolfi "The Downfall of Theranos" 2017
The Guardian US Jon Swaine, Oliver Laughland, Jamiles Lartey, Ciara McCarthy “The Counted” 2016
InsideClimate News Neela Banerjee, John H. Cushman Jr., David Hasemyer, Lisa Song “Exxon: The Road Not Taken” 2016
The New York Times Jessica Silver-Greenberg, Michael Corkery, Robert Gebeloff “Beware the Fine Print” 2016
Tampa Bay Times Michael LaForgia, Cara Fitzpatrick, Lisa Gartner “Failure Factories” 2016
The Washington Post The Washington Post staff “Fatal Shooting by Police” 2016
The Boston Globe Thomas Farragher, Jonathan Saltzman, Jenn Abelson, Casey Ross, Todd Wallack “Shadow Campus” 2015
The Post and Courier Jennifer Berry Hawes, Natalie Caula Hauff, Doug Pardue, Glenn Smith “Till Death Do Us Part” 2015
ProPublica and NPR Justin Elliott, Jesse Eisinger, Laura Sullivan “The Red Cross’ Secret Disaster” 2015
Reuters Joan Biskupic, Janet Roberts, John Shiffman “The Echo Chamber” 2015
The Wall Street Journal Christopher S. Stewart, Christopher Weaver, John Carreyrou, Tom McGinty, Anna Wilde Mathews, Rob Barry “Medicare Unmasked” 2015
Center for Public Integrity, ABC News Chris Hamby, Ronnie Greene, Jim Morris, Chris Zubak-Skees, Matthew Mosk, Brian Ross, Rhonda Schwartz Breathless and Burdened: Dying from Black Lung, Buried by Law and Medicine 2014
International Consortium of Investigative Journalists Secrecy for Sale: Inside the Global Offshore Money Maze 2014
University of California's Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, Center for Investigative Reporting, Frontline, Univisión Documentaries, KQED Andrés Cediel, Bernice Yeung, Lowell Bergman, Lauren Rosenfeld, Grace Rubenstein, Stephanie Mechura, Ariane Wu Rape in the Fields/Violación de un Sueño 2014
Miami New Times Tim Elfrink Biogenesis: Steroids, Baseball and an Industry Gone Wrong 2014
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Ellen Gabler, Mark Johnson, John Fauber, Allan James Vestal, Kristyna Wentz-Graff Deadly Delays 2014
Wall Street Journal Michael M. Phillips The Lobotomy Files 2014
Reuters Scot Paltrow, Kelly Carr Unaccountable 2014 United States Department of Defense bookkeeping
Chicago Tribune Patricia Callahan, Sam Roe, Michael Hawthorne Playing with Fire 2013
Atlanta Journal-Constitution Alan Judd, Heather Vogell, John Perry, M.B. Pell Cheating Our Children 2013
Center for Public Integrity, Global Integrity, Public Radio International, Investigative News Network State Integrity Investigation 2013 Corruption in U.S. state governments
Los Angeles Times Jason Felch, Kim Christensen and members of the Los Angeles Times staff The Shame of the Boy Scouts 2013
New York Times Charles Duhigg, Keith Bradsher, David Barboza, David Segal and David Kocieniewski The iEconomy 2013
New York Times David Barstow Wal-Mart Abroad 2013
Associated Press Matt Apuzzo, Adam Goldman, Eileen Sullivan and Chris Hawley NYPD Intelligence Division 2012
ABC News 20/20 Brian Ross, Anna Schecter and the ABC News Investigative Team Peace Corps: A Trust Betrayed 2012
Jim Morris, Ronnie Greene, Chris Hamby and Keith Epstein, Center for Public Integrity and Elizabeth Shogren, Howard Berkes, Sandra Bartlett and Susanne Reber, National Public Radio Poisoned Places: Toxic Air, Neglected Communities 2012
KHOU-TV (CBS Houston) Mark Greenblatt, David Raziq and Keith Tomshe A Matter of Risk: Radiation, Drinking Water, and Deception 2012
New York Times Danny Hakim and Russell Buettner Abused and Used 2012
ProPublica, Washington Post Dafna Linzer, Jennifer LaFleur Presidential Pardons 2012
Bloomberg News Bradley Keoun, Phil Kuntz, Bob Ivry, Craig Torres, Scott Lanman and Christopher Condon The Fed's Trillion-Dollar Secret 2012
Las Vegas Sun Marshall Allen and Alex Richards Do No Harm: Hospital Care in Las Vegas 2011
Los Angeles Times Jeff Gottlieb, Ruben Vives and The Los Angeles Times Staff Breach of Faith 2011
National Public Radio Laura Sullivan and Steven Drummond Behind the Bail Bond System 2011
ProPublica: Jesse Eisinger, Jake Bernstein; Planet Money, National Public Radio: Adam Davidson; This American Life, Chicago Public Radio: Ira Glass and Alex Blumberg Betting Against the American Dream – The Wall Street Money Machine 2011
San Jose Mercury News Karen de Sá Sponsored Bills in Sacramento 2011
Washington Post Dana Priest, William Arkin Top Secret America 2011 Top Secret America
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Raquel Rutledge Cashing In on Kids 2010
Boston Globe Sean P. Murphy Gaming the System: Public Pensions the Massachusetts Way 2010
KHOU–TV, Houston, TX Mark Greenblatt, David Raziq, Keith Tomshe, Robyn Hughes and Chris Henao Under Fire: Discrimination and Corruption in the Texas National Guard 2010
News & Observer (Raleigh, NC) J. Andrew Curliss and Staff Executive Privilege: The Perks of Power 2010
ProPublica and The Nation Institute A.C. Thompson in collaboration with Gordon Russell, Laura Maggi and Brendan McCarthy, The New Orleans Times-Picayune and Tom Jennings, Frontline] Law and Disorder 2010
Washington Post Joe Stephens, Lena H. Sun and Lyndsey Layton Death on the Rails 2010
Washington Post Debbie Cenziper and Sarah Cohen Forced Out 2009
Charlotte Observer Ames Alexander, Kerry Hall, Franco Ordonez, Ted Mellnik and Peter St. Onge The Cruelest Cuts: The Human Cost of Bringing Poultry to Your Table 2009
Detroit Free Press Jim Schaefer, M.L. Elrick and Detroit Free Press Staff A Mayor in Crisis 2009
New York Times David Barstow Message Machine 2009
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Patricia Sabatini and Len Boselovic Degree of Influence: Academic Corruption at West Virginia University 2009
ProPublica Abrahm Lustgarten Buried Secrets: Is Natural Gas Drilling Endangering U.S. Water Supplies? 2009
Washington Post Barton Gellman and Jo Becker Angler: The Cheney Vice Presidency 2008
Nation Joshua Kors Thanks for Nothing 2008
New York Times Walter Bogdanich and Jake Hooker A Toxic Pipeline 2008
Palm Beach Post Tom Dubocq Palm Beach County's Culture of Corruption 2008
Salt Lake Tribune Loretta Tofani American Imports, Chinese Deaths 2008
Washington Post Dana Priest and Anne Hull The Other Walter Reed 2008
Wall Street Journal Charles Forelle, James Bandler and Mark Maremont Stock Option Abuses 2007
Boston Globe Walter V. Robinson, Michael Rezendes, Beth Healy, Francie Latour, Heather Allen Debtors' Hell 2007
Los Angeles Times Charles Ornstein and Tracy Weber Transplant Patients at Risk 2007
Miami Herald Debbie Cenziper House of Lies 2007
Seattle Times Ken Armstrong, Justin Mayo and Steve Miletich Your Courts, Their Secrets 2007
Washington Post Dan Morgan, Gilbert M. Gaul and Sarah Cohen Harvesting Cash 2007
New York Times James Risen and Eric Lichtblau Domestic Spying 2006
Blade Joshua Boak, James Drew, Steve Eder, Christopher D. Kirkpatrick, Jim Tankersley and Mike Wilkinson Uncovering 'Coingate' 2006
Copley News Service Marcus Stern and Jerry Kammer Randy 'Duke' Cunningham 2006
Los Angeles Times Evelyn Larrubia, Robin Fields and Jack Leonard Guardians for Profit 2006
Washington Post Susan Schmidt, James V. Grimaldi and R. Jeffrey Smith The Abramoff Scandal 2006
Washington Post Dana Priest The CIA's Secret War Against Terrorism 2006
New York Times Nicholas D. Kristof The Genocide in Darfur 2006
New York Times Diana Henriques Captive Clientele 2005
Atlanta Journal-Constitution Paul Donsky and Ken Foskett Wired for Waste 2005
Atlantic Monthly James Fallows Blind into Baghdad 2005
Oregonian Steve Suo and Erin Hoover Barnett Unnecessary Epidemic 2005
Seattle Times Ken Armstrong, Florangela Davila and Justin Mayo The Empty Promise of an Equal Defense 2005
WFAA-TV, Dallas, TX Brett Shipp and Mark Smith State of Denial 2005
Frontline and the BBC Ghosts of Rwanda 2005
New York Times, Frontline, and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation David Barstow, Lowell Bergman, David Rummel and Neil Doherty Dangerous Business: When Workers Die 2004
Dayton Daily News Russell Carollo and Mei-Ling Hopgood Casualties of Peace 2004
Staff of the Gannett New Jersey Newspaper Profiting from Public Service 2004
Los Angeles Times Chuck Neubauer, Richard T. Cooper, Judy Pasterna The Senators' Sons 2004
Washington Post Joe Stephens, David B. Ottaway Big Green 2004
WTVF-TV, Nashville, TN Phil Williams, Bryan Staples Friends in High Places: Perks of Power 2004
Boston Globe Matt Carroll, Kevin Cullen, Thomas Farragher, Stephen Kurkjian, Michael Paulson, Sacha Pfeiffer, Michael Rezendes, Walter V. Robinson Crisis in the Catholic Church 2003 Sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic archdiocese of Boston
Dayton Daily News Mike Wagner, Ben Sutherly, Laura Bischoff, Ken McCall, Dal Dempsey and Martha Hild Down on the Factory: Cheap Food, Hidden Cost 2003
New York Times David Cay Johnston Tax Cheats 2003
National Public Radio Steve Inskeep Oruzgan Raid 2003
WFAA-TV, Dallas, TX Brett Shipp and Mark Smith Fake Drugs, Real Lives 2003
Wisconsin State Journal Phil Brinkman, Dee J. Hall, Scott Milfred Corruption in the Wisconsin Capitol 2003
Seattle Times Duff Wilson and David Heath Uninformed Consent 2002
Knight Ridder Washington Bureau Sumana Chatterjee and Susarsan Raghavan A Taste of Slavery 2002
Los Angeles Times Bob Drogin, Josh Meyer, Craig Pyes, William C. Rempel, Sebastian Rotella Revealing Terrorism 2002
Los Angeles Times David Willman The New FDA: Partnership With Deadly Risk 2002
Orlando Sentinel Sean Holton, et al. Exposing the Flaws 2002
Washington Post David S. Fallis, Craig Whitlock and April Witt A Blue Wall of Silence — False Confessions 2002
Kansas City Star Karen Dillon To Protect and Collect 2001
Chicago Tribune Ken Armstrong and Steve Mills The Failure of the Death Penalty in Illinois and State of Execution: The Death Penalty in Texas 2001
NBC 5 Chicago (WMAQ-TV) Renee Ferguson Strip-Searched at O'Hare 2001
Orange County Register Mark Katches, William Heisel, Ronald Campbell, Sharon Henry, Michael Goulding, Rebecca Allen and Tracy Wood The Body Brokers 2001
ABC News, World News Tonight Brian Ross, Rhonda Schwartz, Vic Walter, Jill Rackmill, David Scott, Dawn Goeb, Jud Marvin, Gary Fairman, John Detarzio, Dow Haynor, Stuart Schutzman, Paul Slavin and Paul Friedman The Money Trail 2001
Seattle Post-Intelligencer Andrew Schneider, Carol Smith Uncivil Action 2001
Time Magazine Donald Barlett and James Steele What Corporate Welfare Costs 2000
Chicago Tribune Ken Armstrong, Maurice J. Possley Trial & Error 2000
Associated Press Sang-Hun Choe, Charles J. Hanley, Randy Herschaft and Martha Mendoza The Bridge at No Gun Ri 2000 No Gun Ri Massacre
Toledo Blade Sam Roe Deadly Alliance 2000
Boston Globe Robert Whitaker, Dolores Kong Doing Harm: Research on the Mentally Ill 2000
Los Angeles Times David G. Willman Rezulin: A Billion-Dollar Killer 2000
Miami Herald A team of reporters Dirty Votes: The Race for Miami Mayor 1999
St. Louis Post-Dispatch William Allen, Kim Bell, and Andrew Skolnick Health Care Behind Bars 1999
Baltimore Sun Will Englund, Gary Cohn The Shipbreakers 1999
Wall Street Journal Alix M. Freedman Population Bomb 1999
Washington Post Bart Gellman Shell Games: The Search for Iraq's Hidden Weapons 1999
Newsweek Michael Isikoff President Clinton and the Monica Lewinsky Scandal 1999
Seattle Times Duff Wilson Fear in the Fields — How Hazardous Wastes Become Fertilizer 1998
Time Magazine Michael Duffy, Michael Weisskopf, Viveca Novak Abuse of Campaign Finance Laws 1998
Cape Cod Times Anne Brennan, William A. Mills Broken Trust: The Failed Cleanup at the Massachusetts Military Reservation 1998
Chicago Sun-Times Chuck Neubauer, Charles Nicodemus Investigation into Chicago City Hall Ethics Abuses 1998
New York Times Martin Gotttlieb, Kurt Eichenwald, Josh Barbanel and Tamar Lewin Health Care's Giant 1998
Philadelphia Inquirer Loretta Tofani, Jeffrey Fleishman Inside Tibet: A Country Tortured 1998
Los Angeles Times Glenn Bunting, Rich Connell, Maggie Farley, Sara Fritz, Evelyn Iritani, Connie Kang, Jim Mann, Alan Miller and Rone Tempest Illegal Democratic Campaign Contributions 1997
Wall Street Journal Jill Abramson, Helene Cooper, Phil Kuntz, Michael Moss, Glenn Simpson, Peter Waldman, John Wilke Foreign Contributions Riddle 1997
Times Picayune Chris Adams Of Pain and Gain 1997
Kansas City Star Joe Stephens Ill-gotten Gains? 1997
Cleveland Plain Dealer Elizabeth Marchak FAA: Safety Comes Second 1997
Boston Globe Charles Sennott Armed for Profit: The Selling of U.S. Weapons 1997
Dayton Daily News Russell Carollo, Carol Hernandez, Jeff Nesmith, Cheryl Reed Military Secrets and Prisoners on Payroll 1996
New York Times Ralph Blumenthal, Adam Bryant, Stephen Engleberg, Douglas Frantz and Matthew Wald The FAA, USAir and the ATR Turbo Prop Planes 1996
Baltimore Sun Gary Cohn and Ginger Thompson Honduras 1996
Minneapolis Star Tribune Sharon Schmickle, Tom Hamburger Who Owns the Law? West Publishing and the Courts 1996
Sun-Sentinel Fred Schulte and Jenni Bergal Profits from Pain 1996
Miami Herald Lizette Alvarez, Lisa Getter Lost in America: Our Failed Immigration Policy 1995
ABC News, Day One Walt Bogdanich Smoke Screen, Parts I and II 1995
Dallas Morning News Susan Feeney and Steve McGonigle Voting Rights: The Next Generation 1995
Washington Post Dan Morgan How Medicaid Grew 1995
Chicago Sun-Times Chuck Neubauer, Mark Brown, Michael Briggs The Rostenkowski Investigation 1995
U.S. News & World Report Joseph Shapiro, Penny Loeb, Susan Headden, Dave Bowermaster, Andrea Wright and Tom Toch Separate and Unequal 1995
Philadelphia Inquirer Neill Borowski and Gilbert Gaul Warehouses of Wealth: The Tax-Free Economy 1994
Scripps Howard News Service Lisa Hoffman and Andrew Schneider Home Infusion: Medicine's New Vein of Gold 1994
Washington Post Athelia Knight Murder on Trial 1994
Dallas Morning News Randy Lee Loftis and Craig Flournoy Race and Risk: HUD's $67 Million Plan and Housing Deal 1994
Scripps Howard News Service Andrew Schnieder, Peter Brown FDIC: Protector Turned Predator 1994
Cleveland Plain Dealer Ted Wendling and Dave Davis Lethal Doses: Radiation That Kills 1994
Los Angeles Times Douglas Frantz, Murray Waas Series on Iraqgate 1993
Seattle Times David Boardman, Susan Gilmore, Eric Nalder, and Eric Pryne Series on charges of sexual misconduct against former Senator Brock Adams 1993

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