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Goldin Finance 117, also known as China 117 Tower, (Chinese: 中国117大厦) is a skyscraper under construction in Tianjin, China. The tower is expected to be 597 m (1,959 ft) with 117 stories. Construction began in 2008, and the building was scheduled to be completed in 2014, becoming the second tallest building in China, surpassing the Shanghai World Financial Center. Construction was suspended in January 2010. Construction resumed in 2011, with completion estimated in 2018. The building was topped out on September 8, 2015.[7]

Goldin Finance 117
Goldin Finance 117 under construction (20180210142905).jpg
Goldin Finance 117 building under construction in February 2018
General information
Status Structurally Topped Out
Type Hotel
Commercial offices
Location Xiqing District, Tianjin, China
Coordinates 39°05′21″N 117°04′49″E / 39.0890682°N 117.0802259°E / 39.0890682; 117.0802259Coordinates: 39°05′21″N 117°04′49″E / 39.0890682°N 117.0802259°E / 39.0890682; 117.0802259
Construction started 2008
Estimated completion 2018[1]
Opening 2019 (Scheduled)
Roof 597 m (1,959 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 117
Floor area 370,000 m2 (4,000,000 sq ft)
Lifts/elevators 89
Design and construction
Architect P & T Group
Developer Goldin Properties Holdings Limited
Structural engineer Arup
Main contractor Third Bureau of CSCEC



The top was supposed to be a fin like shape. Many years later, the fin like shape was replaced by a diamond.

Urban explorationEdit

In 2015, two Russian and Chinese urban explorers climbed the tower and construction crane.[8]

In 2016, a Russian couple of Ivan Beerkus (Kuznetsov) and Angela Nikolau climbed the under-construction tower through stairs and climbed out to a crane on the tower's top. The climb video[9][10][11] received over 600k views as of September 2016 and attracted worldwide media attention.[12] It was claimed in the video that "No one has ever climbed it", which is apparently incorrect in view of the earlier climb in 2015.

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