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Gnaeus Servilius Caepio (consul 169 BC)

Gnaeus Servilius Caepio was a Roman statesman. The son of the consul of 203 BC, Gnaeus Servilius Caepio, he also served as Roman consul in 169 BC[1] alongside Quintus Marcius Philippus. He also served as Curule Aedile in 179 BC and as Praetor in 174, when he obtained the province of Further Spain.[2]

He had at least three sons, Quintus Fabius Maximus Servilianus, the Consul of 142 BC; Gnaeus Servilius Caepio, the Consul of 141 BC and Censor in 125; and Quintus Servilius Caepio, who was Consul in 140 BC.[2]


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