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Globish (also known as Parallel English) is an artificial language created by Madhukar Gogate that attempts to simplify English.[2] It was presented to the Simplified Spelling Society (now known as English Spelling Society) of the United Kingdom in 1998. According to its creator, it can be considered an artificial English dialect, as proof of the possibility of simplifying the orthography and pronunciation of standard English.

Parallel English
Created byMadhukar Gogate
Setting and usageinternational auxiliary language
SourcesModern English
Language codes
ISO 639-3



Globish uses ISO Latin Alphabets, with no diacritics or upper cases.

Letters a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p r s t u v w y z
Diagraphs aa ae au ch dh ee ei oo sh th zh

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