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Glimps Holm or Glims Holm (Old Norse: Glums Holm[5]) is a small uninhabited islet in Orkney, Scotland.

Glimps Holm
Norse nameGlums Holm
Glimps Holm is located in Orkney Islands
Glimps Holm
Glimps Holm
Glimps Holm shown within Orkney
OS grid referenceND472991
Coordinates58°53′N 2°55′W / 58.88°N 2.91°W / 58.88; -2.91
Physical geography
Island groupOrkney
Area55 hectares (0.21 sq mi)
Area rank189= [1]
Highest elevation32 metres (105 ft)
Sovereign stateUnited Kingdom
Council areaOrkney Islands
The main quarry on Lamb Holm used by the Italian POWs, since flooded and converted into a fish farm. In the background is barrier no.2 between Lamb Holm and Glimps Holm


Glimps Holm lies in Holm Sound, one of the eastern entrances to Scapa Flow, between Mainland, Orkney and the island of Burray.[6] The Churchill Barriers link South Ronaldsay to the Orkney Mainland. Glimps Holm is connected to Lamb Holm, to the northeast, by Barrier number 2, and to Burray by Barrier number 3.


Scapa Flow had many entrances, making it difficult to protect the anchorages in this natural harbour. Blockships had been sunk to close the narrow passages, but these proved inadequate. The Churchill Barriers were built during World War II to block the eastern entrances.[7] Much of the labour for the causeways was provided by over 1300 Italian prisoners of war, captured in North Africa and stationed in Camp 60 on Lamb Holm and two camps on Burray.[8]


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Coordinates: 58°52′30″N 2°55′12″W / 58.87500°N 2.92000°W / 58.87500; -2.92000