Gli innocenti pagano

Gli Innocenti pagano is a 1952 Italian melodrama film directed by Luigi Capuano.

Gli Innocenti pagano
Gli innocenti pagano.jpg
Directed byLuigi Capuano
Music byGino Filippini
Release date
  • 28 April 1952 (1952-04-28)


Adriana Sereni (Lyda Baacova), the cast-off mistress of a rich landowner, Artesi (Mino Doro), lives in shame on his estate with her five-year-old illegitimate daughter. Enter a handsome stranger, Stefano Rella (Otello Toso), who lost his wife and daughter in the war and was a friend of Adriana's sweetheart. Love blossoms but before the happy ending Adriana almost loses her child and Artesi is murdered by a scheming servant. Director Capuano, evidently fearing some of the audience may be a bit slow, has a dog snarl every time the villain appears.[1]



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