Gino Filippini

Gino Filippini (7 May 1900 – 4 April 1962) was an Italian composer, conductor and arranger.

Gino Filippini
Gino Filippini.jpg
Born7 May 1900 (1900-05-07)
Died4 April 1962 (1962-04-05) (aged 61)
Rome, Italy

Born in Alessandria, the son of an employee of the railways, Filippini was a child prodigy, who started studying piano at 5 years old and who made his first composition, "Fantasia funebre", aged nine.[1][2] He graduated in composition and piano at the conservatory of his hometown, and after the First World War he moved to Turin where he studied composition under Luigi Perrachio [it].[1][2] In the 1920s he was employed as a conductor at Radio Berna, in Swiss, then he worked in Germany and in Spain.[1][2]

Returned to Turin, he formed one of the first Italian jazz orchestras and started composing songs, getting his first success in 1939 with "Sulla carrozzella", performed by Odoardo Spadaro.[1][2] After several hits, in the 1950s he dedicated himself to arrangements for jazz groups and orchestras and to composing musical scores for films and revues.[1][2]


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