Ignazio Balsamo

Ignazio Balsamo (25 October 1912 – 7 August 1994) was an Italian film and stage actor.

Ignazio Balsamo
Ignazio Balsamo.png
Balsamo in Il ragazzo che sorride (1969)
Born(1912-10-25)25 October 1912
Catania, Italy
Died7 August 1994(1994-08-07) (aged 81)

Life and careerEdit

Born in Catania, Balsamo began his career on stage, being part of several Sicilian language theatrical companies.[1] Discovered by Pietro Germi, who offered him a role of weight in the film In the Name of the Law, following the success of the film Balsamo moved to Rome where he had a long film career as a character actor, mainly cast in roles of Sicilian criminals and villains.[1] He also worked as a production coordinator and a production runner for the companies Fortunia Film and Romana Film.[1] Balsamo was also author of two plays in Sicilian language, Casa Cantoniera and Tila di ragnu.[1]

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