Glasgow University Muslim Students Association

The Glasgow University Muslim Students Association (GUMSA, pronounced gəmsjɑː) is an Islamic society aimed at catering to Muslim and non-Muslim students at the University of Glasgow.[1] GUMSA was established in 1968,[2] and is one of the largest societies on the University campus. It is the longest running Muslim student organisation in Scotland and one of the oldest in the United Kingdom.[2]

Glasgow University Muslim Students Association
FounderDr Mohammed Aslam Ibrahim
TypeStudent Organisation
Aadil Naeem
AffiliationsGlasgow University Students' Representative Council Federation of Student Islamic Societies


see also Past Presidents and committee members of GUMSA

1968–1973 (Founding Fathers)Edit

The society was founded on 11 November 1968 under the guidance of Professor Salah Shahin from Paisley University (now University of the West of Scotland), who approached a group of youth at the University of Glasgow to form a Muslim student organisation. On 11 November 1968, the inaugural meeting for the society took place in the Glasgow University Union extension. The meeting was advertised[3] in the Glasgow University Guardian:

"Dear Sir,

The inaugural meeting of the Glasgow University Muslims Students' Association was held in the Union Extension on 11/11/68.

The Association aims to provide a meeting place for the many Muslim Students at Glasgow University, from different parts of the world and also a forum for discussion for discussion with other interested student bodies at Glasgow, and thereby help to foster a better spirit of understanding. The Association, therefore, cordially extends an invitation to ALL students to their weekly meetings.

For further information please contact:

Mr Mohamed Aslam Ebrahim,

The Secretary,

Glasgow University Students' Association c/o Mens' Union" [3]

The inaugural members kept GUMSA running for its first four years, but elections were not held. Publicity was achieved via hand written flyers which were posted across campus. The group also ventured between different faculties inviting individuals to attend the GUMSA meetings.

Meetings were held in a space granted by the university, and would take place on a monthly basis, with roughly 20-25 individuals attending and different speakers being invited. The society was met with no resistance and had regular interfaith contact, particularly with the Christian Union. "Iftaars" for the breaking of fast were held for the community in Ramadhan. Members would bring home-cooked food to these events.

In the same year of founding, the first Scottish President of the Federation of Student Islamic Societies was elected - Aziz Khan - who was also a GUMSA member.

In 1971, GUMSA members helped to form their sister society at the University of Strathclyde, which would go on to be known as The Strathclyde University Muslim Students Association (SUMSA).


Following the departure of the founding members, the organisation began to dwindle in size and underwent periods of inactivity, notably in 1973 following the departure of founder Dr Ibrahim and again in 1976 following the departure of the President of 3 years, Dr Mahmoud Akhtar.


Little information is available for this period of time, with speculation that some years may have had little to no activity. It is known that in 1978 the President and secretary of the society were Mohammed El-Mahdi and Riaz Ahmed, respectively.[4]

Thereafter, from 1978 - 1987 the society was run by predominantly by students who had come from Malaysia to seek an education at the University.


In 1987, Prof Dr Mohd Tengku Sembok provided leadership to the society. Sembok later went on to become a prominent member of the academic circle in Malaysia.[5]

1987/88 GUMSA Membership card for Shahed Quayum, treasurer

Despite the new levels of engagement the organisation had found, GUMSA was unable to match the popularity of 'GUAsia,' which was more favoured by individuals of South Asian descent. This, in conjunction with the Malaysian government providing significantly less funding for overseas study grants, resulted a larger portion of GUMSA's member populace coming directly from the city of Glasgow.[citation needed]

During this time period, Dr. Majid Anwar became the first recorded GUMSA member to run for elections in the Students' representative council. Anwar won, and was to act as the representative for the faculty of medicine.[citation needed]

The society co-wrote a fortnightly newsletter with its sister organisation from Strathclyde University - SUMSA - which had grown to overtake GUMSA in member count.

In 1990, under the new leadership of Zaid Akhtar, the society allowed halal food to be served in the University canteen.


Whilst there was no pause in GUMSA's running between the academic session of 1990 and 1991, there was no communication between the individuals who were given leadership of the society and those who were previously in charge. The society at this time was run by 2 individuals who had previously never been to a GUMSA event - Ruzwan Mohammed and Zahid Hanif. Due to this, the society was restructured.

The society made hoodies for the first time (see picture of "Shaykh Ruzwan Mohammed" in photo gallery below), but as was common, had little engagement when compared with the Pakistani society of the time. Ruzwan, who served as the "chairman" at the time, made a concerted effort to keep in contact with the society following his departure from the University and was delivering lectures for the society as little as 7 years later in 1999. He continues to hold a yearly class for the society.


Following a short period of inactivity, GUMSA would soon be taken over by some of the most active members it has seen to date. The society again had to start from scratch with initial meetings taking place in a mosque off the University campus on Oakfield Avenue. Many large events were held by the committee in this period, such as in the University Bute hall with renowned nasheed artist yusuf islam (formerly Cat Stevens), ground breaking lectures, including "Islam: Oppressed or Oppressive," and a unique play titled "The return of Salahudeen" featuring prominent figures in the Muslim community. Muslim speaker Imam Siraj Wahhaj also visited the society to speak, the event took place on the Glasgow University Campus in the Wellington Church. The era saw the society make a website for its first time – a feat which was a rare achievement for the time period- Imran Kausar learned how to code and apply website design language in the University's first (and only) computer lab in order to bring the site to life.

Following a trip to London for the "Islam and Science" conference which was delivered by Prof Salim Al-Hassani, a crash led to the minibus (which was hired from the Students' Representative Council) being written off. The society was not allowed to hire the minibus for a number of years following this incident.

The period also became one of the most politically active the society has seen. Many members ran for positions within the Students' Representative Council (SRC) - particularly for positions within the council executive committee, below is a summary:

SRC Elections that GUMSA members ran in (1995–1997)
Position Name of Candidate Result
1995 Vice-President International Zakariyya Abdel-Hady[6][7] Won
Vice-President University Affairs Azhar Ali[7] Lost
Director of Publications Imran Ali[8] Lost
1996 Vice-President International Ahmed Abdel-Hady[9] Won
Vice-President University Affairs Imran Kausar[9] Won
Senior Vice-President Zakariyya Abdel-Hady[10] Lost
1997 Senior Vice-President Ahmed Abdel-Hady[11] Lost

Around this time period GUMSA helped another of its sister organisations to form - CUMSA (Caledonian University Muslim Students Organisation), which would grow into another prominent and active society within Muslim community of Glasgow.

The general secretary of the society was Dr Azhar Ali, during these years Dr Ali also went on to revive the FOSIS Scotland branch. Since his University days he has gone on to become the executive director of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) in America).[12]

The period was also the first time in which the society held an "Islam Awareness Week", which it continues to hold to this day. The week involved interfaith events which were amongst the first being held in Scotland at that time.

The GUMSA logo (2003-16)


2003 saw the first big change in the logo used by the organisation. A GUMSA member - Maarya Sharif sketched a design of someone in "sujood" or 'prostration' as Muslims do when they carry out their 5 daily prayers. The logo was then uploaded to a digital format from the sketch. This iteration of the logo was used 2003-2016, yet the concept of a Muslim in prostration continued onto the next logo version.

On Friday 6 July 2007 Aijaz Mohammad (who was President in 2003) won the "Male Inspirational Young Scottish Muslim Award" at the inaugural "Young Scottish Muslims Conference & Awards". He was awarded for his work in numerous organisations, among them his role as "chair of GUMSA."[13]

In 2003, the society was once again started, almost from scratch due to lack of proper progression planning.


In 2005 GUMSA saw President Humza Yousaf MSP take lead of the society. He has since gone on to become the Minister for Europe and Development, Minister for Transport and the Islands and Cabinet Secretary for Justice.

The first 'Interfaith Dinner' was also held, one of GUMSA's biggest events which attracts people of all faith and none to come together and enjoy a free 3 course meal courtesy of the society. The event has become of the society's annual calendar during "Islam Awareness Week."

Reverend Leith Fisher, who was formerly the minister at the nearby Wellington Church, passed away whilst fundraising for GUMSA in these years. The cause was raising funds for Palestine.

In 2006 the society started focusing more on charitable activities, in particular "Water Wells Week" for which the organisation helped fund water wells in impoverished areas in the developing world. The society raised a total of £10,000 in just one week.

The society held their first 'outdoor' prayer near the library during "Islam Awareness Week" as part of an ongoing project to make people more aware of Muslim forms of worship.

In 2007 the 'Interfaith room' was introduced as the first full-time place of worship on the University campus, after needs were seen for it by the interfaith chaplain at the time, Reverend Stuart MacQuarrie.


In 2008 whilst Ahmed Shaikh was President, the society saw a number of improvements for Muslim students on campus.

The first library prayer room was established in this time period on level 3 of the main Glasgow University library. Prior to this students were praying in corridors and in stairwells which led to the University Chaplain Reverend Stuart Macquarrie commissioning the new space. The space has since moved many times within the building and has also seen the introduction of complimentary ablution facilities. Discussions also began for a space in the dental school which would be made 3 years later.

The society also hosted the first year round Islamic course in Glasgow - ISyllabus, the course was taught by two of the UK's most prominent Islamic thinkers - Shaykh Ruzwan Mohammed (who was President of GUMSA in 1990) and Shaykh Amer Jamil (who had been the Vice-President of SUMSA) in the University's Boyd Orr Building. The course has been run in the University every year since, and has spread to other universities such as Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Newcastle, Dundee, Edinburgh and has plans to move to London.

The University also started supplying halal chicken in official cafeterias across campus, which has vastly improved ease of consumption for Muslim students on campus.

The academic year 2008/09 also saw the society bring "Charity Week" (see "Activities") to Scotland. In this period over £50,000 was raised for orphans and needy children across the world. GUMSA has participated in Charity Week every year since.


Freshers' WeekEdit

Glasgow University Main building facing University Avenue with GUMSA flag flying on the Northern flag pole

Freshers' week takes place a week before classes begin at the University of Glasgow. GUMSA traditionally hosts daily activities Monday - Saturday during this week including the following set-up:

  • Monday - Meet and Greet Event
  • Tuesday - BBQ in Kelvingrove Park
  • Wednesday - Social Event
  • Thursday - Freshers' Dinner
  • Friday - Friday Prayers & Tour of the City
  • Saturday - Day trip to local Scottish Attraction

Charity WeekEdit

GUMSA Interfaith Dinner 2017 at the Queen Margaret Union, Glasgow University

Every year in October, GUMSA participates in Charity week with Islamic societies (also known as 'isoc/isocs') across the UK to raise money for orphans and needy children. Activities change on a yearly basis, however in previous years these have included football tournaments, bake sales, speaker events as well as dinners. During this week GUMSA raised over £4,015.11 in 2017.[14]

Islam Awareness WeekEdit

Islam Awareness Week normally takes place in February with an aim of uniting the interfaith community of Glasgow University Campus. There is a stall daily during the week outside the Glasgow University Library for individuals to ask questions about Islam and find out more about the faith. The following events are also regular occurrences:

  • Monday to Thursday - Stall
  • Wednesday - Topical panel discussion
  • Thursday - Interfaith Dinner
  • Friday - Open Friday Prayer

Annual Interfaith DinnerEdit

The GUMSA Annual Interfaith Dinner has grown in repute in recent years, attracting hundreds of students of all faiths and none to a free three-course meal. In 2017, the dinner attracted Glasgow University Rector and prominent human rights lawyer Aamer Anwar as a keynote speaker. The dinner has helped developed bonds and has been praised for its role in interfaith dialogue on campus.

Islam Awareness Week flagEdit

A picture showing 51 of the 98 hats knitted for GUMSA as part of 'believe and do good' campaign in 2017. The hats were donated to local hospital wards where they were needed for newborns.

In 2017 for the first time the University flew the GUMSA flag as a tribute to the celebrations taking place during Islam Awareness week. The move was met with praise across campus.

Believe and Do Good MonthEdit

In the month of February GUMSA participates in a national campaign in collaboration with FOSIS and Muslim Association of Britain which instructs its members to partake in activities that help the community and in general 'do good' based on the Quranic verse "Except those who Believe and Do Good Righteous Deeds. Theirs is a never ending reward" - Quran [95:6]. Previous activities have included graveyard clean ups and community blood donations. A particularly popular activity was the donation of knitted hats to a local hospital ward for newborns in 2018.

Annual Ramadan IftaarEdit

GUMSA holds a yearly iftaar during the Islamic month of Ramadan. The iftaar has built up notoriety in recent years and has become the largest gathering of Muslims for the breaking of their fast in Scotland. The event is free to attend and is not limited to students or GUMSA members, with general members of the public outnumbering students. The leftover food is often donated to a local homeless shelter. In 2017 the event was attended by around 400 people. (See picture).

GUMSA Annual 'Iftaar' 2017 - held at kabana function suite in Glasgow.

Friday PrayersEdit

Friday Prayers at Glasgow University led by Shaykh Sohaib Saeed

The society organises weekly speakers (khateebs) for the congregational prayer every Friday. Two prayer timings are provided so that students with class can have a larger chance of being able to attend. Notable regular speakers for the sermons include Ustadh Shoket Aksi, Shaykh Sohaib Saeed, Shaykh Amin Buxton Ustadh Zubeir Alvi, Ustadh Ahmed Shaikh & Shaykh Amer Jamil.

Educational and religious activitiesEdit

poster for the GUMSA sisters circle 2017

GUMSA is involved in various other activities throughout the year. The society hosts "circles" weekly for individuals to come and speak about their faith, but also as an outlet away from University life. In recent years the society has also hosted reputable Muslim scholars from across the globe. Most notably these have included Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi, Mufti Ismail ibn Musa Menk, Imam Siraj Wahhaj and Shaykh Ruzwan Mohammed. The latter hosts a revision lecture series at GUMSA on a yearly basis. The society also hosts social events on a monthly basis ranging from tea nights to ice skating.


A revision lecture held by GUMSA in 2015 for Medical Students

GUMSA delivers free lectures and workshops for the subjects of medicine, dentistry engineering and certain science subjects during exam times (typically December and May). The society has built a reputation on campus for its proficient and easy to follow lectures.

Discount cardEdit

the first 3 iterations (top to bottom) of the GUMSA discount card from 2015-2017

In 2015 the Society released its "halal discount card." which was one of the first of its kind in the UK. GUMSA has since presented at numerous national conferences showing other societies how the card has been implemented and can be used as a means of both attracting individuals to the organisation as well as a means of revenue and income. The number of businesses taking part in the discount card scheme has increased exponentially from the first card having just 16 businesses to the current iteration which boasts over 50 halal outlets across Glasgow.


Over the years the society has won a number of different awards from various bodies including, but not limited to, the following:

Year Nomination Body Category Result


FOSIS National Awards "Best Networking and Collaboration" Won
Students' representative council Volunteering, Clubs & Societies Awards "Best event" - Charity week Nominated
"Most dedicated committee member" Nominated


FOSIS Scotland Awards "Best Socials" Award Won
"Best Head sister" - Nih Mahmood Won


Students' representative council Volunteering, Clubs & Societies Awards "Raising and Giving Award" Won
FOSIS Scotland Awards "Best Socials" Award Won


Students' representative council Volunteering, Clubs & Societies Awards "Exceptional Club/Society Event" - Interfaith Dinner Won
FOSIS National Awards "Academic" Award Won
FOSIS Scotland Awards "Academia" Award Won
"Best President" - Moiz Shah Nominated
"Best newcomers" - Loubna Kraria & Fatemeh Nokhbatolfoghaihai Nominated
"Most dedicated brother" - Waqas Hussain Won


FOSIS National Awards "Political" Award Won
"Academic" Award Won
"Isoc of the year" Award Nominated
"Most Promising" Isoc Nominated
"Best Isoc committee member" - Haiqa Jamil Nominated
FOSIS Scotland Awards "Political" Award Won
"Isoc of the year" Award Won


FOSIS Scotland Awards "Political" Award Won
"Isoc of the year" Award Nominated
FOSIS National Awards "Best Creative act of Good" Award Won
2020 CSS Winner Website Award Education Website Design Award Nominated
2022 SRC Volunteering, Clubs and Societies Awards Charitable Giving Award Nominated

Past Presidents and committee members of GUMSAEdit


Former Presidents of the Glasgow University Muslim Students Association (Past to Present)
Year President Subject of Study Current field
1968–1969 Dr Mohammed Aslam Ibrahim (pictured) [3][15] Medicine Consultant Urologist
1969–1970 Dr Mohammed Aslam Ibrahim Medicine Consultant Urologist
1970–1971 Dr Mohammed Aslam Ibrahim Medicine Consultant Urologist
1971–1972 Dr Mohammed Aslam Ibrahim[15][16] Medicine Consultant Urologist
1972–1973 Mr Cheema n/a n/a
1973–1974 Dr Mahmmoud Akhtar[17] Medicine General Practitioner
1974–1975 Dr Mahmmoud Akhtar Medicine General Practitioner
1975–1976 Dr Mahmmoud Akhtar Medicine General Practitioner
1977–1978 Mohammed El-Mahdi[4] n/a n/a
1978–1987 n/a n/a n/a
1987–1988 Dr Majid Anwar (pictured)[18] Medicine CEO of picsel Co & modo inc[18]
1988–1989 Dr Majid Anwar Medicine CEO of picsel Co & modo inc
1989–1990 Prof Dr Tengku Sembok (pictured)[19] PhD in Computer Science[20] Dean at Faculty of Information and Technology

International Islamic University Malaysia[19]

Founder and former President at PECAMP[21]

Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic & Internationalisation) at National Defense University, Malaysia[22]

senior professor in Computer Science at International Islamic University of Malaysia[20]

1990–1991 Zaid Akhtar (pictured)[23] Electrical &

Electronic Engineering

Vice President-Sales at Computer Services, Inc.[23]
1991–1992 Shaykh Ruzwan Mohammed


Geopolitics & Arabic[24] Founder at ISyllabus inc and Solas foundation[24] Islamic Scholar
1992–1994 n/a n/a n/a
1994–1995 Prof Zakariyya Abdel Hady PhD in Islamic Studies[25] Associate Professor of Islamic Thought & Culture,

Department of Dawa & Islamic Culture,

College of Sharia & Islamic Studies,

Qatar University[25]

1995–1996 Prof Zakariyya Abdel Hady PhD in Islamic Studies
1996–1997 Prof Zakariyya Abdel Hady PhD in Islamic Studies
1997–1998 Dr Azhar Ali (pictured)[26] Medicine Consultant Psychiatrist
1998–1999 Omar Shaikh (pictured) Accountancy & Finance Chartered Accountant & Islamic Finance Council

Went on to become FOSIS Scotland Chair

1999–2000 Dr Amanullah Durrani[27] Medicine Consultant Psychiatrist[27]
2000–2001 Osama Saeed[28] Head of Marketing & PR Relations at Al Jazeera Network[28]

Communications Director Amnesty International[28]

2001–2002 Adeel Ibrahim[29] Sports Science Head of Interpal Scotland[29]
2002–2003 Wajid Bashir Accountancy Chartered Accountant
2003–2004 Wajid Bashir/Aijaz Mohammad Accountancy Chartered Accountant
2004–2005 Mohammed Osman[30] Mechanical Engineering n/a
2005–2006 Humza Yousaf MSP (pictured)[31][32] Politics Transport Minister for Scottish Government[31]
2006–2007 Dr Fadil Latheef Medicine Doctor
2007–2008 Nadeem Hamid Business Management n/a
2008–2009 Ahmed Shaikh (pictured)[33] Dentistry Dentist

International lead for "Charity Week"[33]

2009–2010 Hamzah Ahmed Dentistry Dentist

Went on to become FOSIS Scotland Chair

2010–2011 Dawud Duncan (pictured) MA Religious & Philosophical Education Secondary Education teacher of RMPS
2011–2012 Dawud Duncan MA Religious & Philosophical Education Secondary Education teacher of RMPS
2012–2013 Aaysha Anwar (pictured) Law Lawyer
2013–2014 Abdulwahab Aslam-Pervez Dentistry Dentist
2014–2015 Anwar Abushaala Civil Engineering Civil Engineer

Went on to become FOSIS Scotland Chair

2015–2016 Moiz Shah Medicine Doctor
2016–2017 Waqas Hussain Life Sciences Medical Student

Went on to become FOSIS Scotland Chair

2017–2018 Dr Usman Abdul-Quayum Medicine Doctor

2018–2019 Aaisha Khan Neuroscience Student
2019–2020 Azam Ghaffar Mechanical Engineering Student
2020-2021 Janna Butt Electronic and Electrical Engineering Student
2021-2022 Daanish Zaidi Accountancy & Finance Student

Committee Members (Past to Present)Edit

The following is what has survived through various archives of GUMSA members present in different years.

The list takes from sources such as meetings minutes and University archives, but is by no means exhaustive.

GUMSA Committee Members
Year Position Name
1968–1973 Secretary Anwar Saeed-Bhutta
Membership Dr Rahila Bhatti
Dr Yasir
Dr Yaseen
Sohail Bhatti
Dr Rashid Ahmed
Dr Ashfaq Ali
1973–1976 Membership Dr Ashfaq Ali
Dr Rashid Ahmed
1977–1978 Secretary Riaz Ahmed
membership Aleem Khand
Giumma Elomami
Abdulhamid M. Irhouma
Fethi Saidi
Asif Anwar
Muhammad Kamal Ahmad
Ah'ene Bouchemma
Gi'mma Elomami
Jalel Moussa
Sarbra Islam
1988–1992 Treasurer Shahed Quayum
Secretary Nawaz Ali
membership Shkoor Anwar
1990–1992 Secretary Zahid Hanif
membership Naeem Ali
Shahid Hanif
Awais Alvi
Hisham Mihanna
1994–1998 Vice-President Zubair Malik
website & logo design Dr Imran Kausar
Secretary Dr Azhar Ali
membership/volunteer Naeem Raza
Nawaz Ali
Shahed Quayum
Sajid Quayum
Dr Javid Gill
Shaykh Amer Jamil
Ahmed Abdel-Hady
Mehmet Ali Sozen
Mohib Alrahman
Harun Yahya
Anas Gaheen
Bashir Madham
Asim Zahir
Dr Imran Kaussar
Dr Imran Ali
Asin Azim
Dr Suzanne Al-Ghammal
1997–1998 Vice-President Omar Shaikh
Head Sister Sadaf Maqbool
Treasurer Asin Azim
Deputy Head Sister Shazia Shaikh
1998–1999 membership Omar Patel
1998-2000 Head Sister Fatima Betalgui
2001–2002 Head Sister Myzoon Ali
membership Maarya sharia
samia bashir
uzma akram
shumyla saleem
2002–2003 Head Sister Myzoon Ali
logo designer Maarya Sharif (paper)
Omar Tufayl (digital)
membership Medihah Bashir
2003–2004 Vice-President Dr Fahad Sheikh
Head Sister Myzoon Ali
Head of interfaith work Humza Yousaf
membership Aijaz Mohamed
2006–2007 Head Sister Nasiha Mohammed
Head brother Humza Yousaf
Secretary Safa Yousaf
Media Nida Ilahi
membership Musab Saeed
Arshia Chohan
Sidrah Jabbar
Noman Tahir
Ahmed Shaikh
Aminah Rashid
Nadeem Hamid
2007–2008 Head Sister Nasiha Mohammed
Treasurer Aminah Rashid
Secretary Safa Yousaf
Aqsa Ali
Charity Co-Ordinator Ahmed Shaikh
FOSIS representative Safa Yousaf
Publicity & Design Nida Ilahi
Membership Ammad Mahmood
Musab Saeed
Aminah Rashid
Sidrah Ali
Arshia Chohan
Nadeem Hamid
Noman Tahir
S. Farisa
2008–2009 Vice-President Safa Yousaf
Secretary Aishah Ali
Treasurer Amnah Rashid
PR & Web design Maida
Ramadan & Eid Programme Ammad Mahmood
Islam Awareness Week Safa Yousaf
Charity Week Aisha
Ahmed Shaikh
Socials Sherif
Sports Hammaad
Circles/courses/talks Humza
Reunion & Fundraising Aminah R.
Membership Aaishah Naz
Asad Hamid
Khairul Arifin
Jansher Khan
Kiran Bhatti
Madihah Iqbal
oumar farooq
Sadia Anwar
2009–2010 Vice-President Aishah Ali
Membership Taimur
Hassan Rafiq
Madihah Iqbal
2010–2011 Vice-President Madihah Iqbal
Membership Shakil Patel
Omar Alimazighi
Omer Ahmed
Umair Ali
Sehyr Zahoor
Sarah Todd
2011–2012 Vice-President Aya Musbahi
Membership Medieha Bee
Kiran Bhatti
Aaysha Anwar
Adellah Zaffar
Sehyr Zahoor
Sophie Hall
Aishah Ali
Pasha Gul
Afia Aslam
Zed Kay Qureshi
Manaim Shah
Alham Qureshi
Zahra Kayani
Umair Ali
Safrah Kayami
Dr Nazim Ghouri
Rizvan Ali
Hamzah Ahmed
Numman Ali
Madiha Bashir
Akeel Ghaffar
2012–2013 Vice-President Abdulwahab Pervez
Secretary Sophie Hall
Aysha Abdullahi
Treasurer Sehyr Zahoor
FOSIS Co-Ordinator Amina Iqbal
Charity Week representative
Sisters Social Convener Aman Adyeeri
PR/Tech Shakil Patel
2013–2014 Vice-President Sister Nih Mahmood
Vice-President Brother Anwar Abushaala
Treasurer Moiz Shah
General Secretary Nih Mahmood
2014–2015 Vice-President Sister Nih Mahmood
Vice-President Brother Ahmed Kamara
Treasurer Moiz Shah
General Secretary Maryam Abbas
Sisters Social Convener Iqra Rafiq
Brother Social Convener Waqas Hussain
2015–2016 Vice-President Sister Maryam Abbas
Vice-President Brother Waqas Hussain
Treasurer incoming Usman Abdul-Quayum
Treasurer outgoing Iqra Iqbal
General Secretary Rafa Abushaala
Sisters Social Convener Nimra Zaidi
Brothers Social Convener Moyad Safadi
2016–2017 Vice-President Sister Haiqa Jamil
Vice-President Brother Ghulam Nawaz
Treasurer Usman Abdul-Quayum
General Secretary Loubna Kraria
PR & Marketing Officer Rabeah Alam
Sisters Social Convener Hannah Kerfoot
Brothers Social Convener Fuhad Ahmed
2017–2018 Vice-President Sister Amna Zahid
Vice-President Brother Dr Jowad Farooq
Treasurer Haroon Minhas
General Secretary Mubeen Zafar
PR & Marketing Officer Rabiya Hamid
Education & Development Officer Tayyabah Sardar
Sisters Social Convener Aaisha Khan
Brothers Social Convener Maaz Talha
2018-2019 Vice-President Sister Madihah Hussain
Vice-President Brother Abu-Hurayrah Jamil
Treasurer Azam Ghaffar
General Secretary Zoha Khan
PR & Marketing Officer Abubakr Mahmood
Education & Development Officer Abby Munj
Sisters Social Convener Zayna Syyed
Brothers Social Convener Mohiz Nasir
2019-2020 Vice-President Sister Janna Butt
Vice-President Brother Mubeen Zafar
Treasurer Daanish Zaidi
General Secretary Nora Benhach
PR & Marketing Officer Mehnaz Naveed
Education & Development Officer Rumaisa Zubairi
Sisters Social Convener Anika Sadia Chowdhury
Brothers Social Convener Hamza Riaz
2020-2021 Vice-President Sister Maryam Zakariyah
Vice-President Brother Daanish Zaidi
Treasurer Adnan Iqbal
General Secretary Fatma Gok
PR & Marketing Officer Sherzah Jamal
Education & Development Officer Hamza Riaz
Student Affairs Officer Mehnaz Naveed
Sisters Social Convener Aisha Patel
Brothers Social Convener Hassan Salah
2021-2022 Vice-President Sister Aamina Syyed
Vice-President Brother Ans Farooq
Treasurer Huzaifah Mateen
General Secretary Hassan Salah
PR & Marketing Officer Javairiya Ali
Education & Development Officer Zainab Munir
Student Affairs Officer Junnat Aamir
Sisters Social Convener Zainab Alshubbar
Brothers Social Convener Abdulkarim Fadil


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