Giovanni Battista Lacchini

Giovanni Battista Lacchini (20 May 1884 – 6 January 1967) was an Italian astronomer.[1]

Giovanni Battista Lacchini
Giovanni Battista Lacchini.jpg
Giovanni Battista Lacchini with his telescope
Born(1884-05-20)20 May 1884
Faenza, Italy
Died6 January 1967(1967-01-06) (aged 82)
Faenza, Italy
Scientific career

He is primarily noted for his work in the study of variable stars. He published over 100 works, including papers in "Astronomische Nachrichten" and "Memorie della Società astronomica italiana". He was originally a postal worker.[2]

Awards and honorsEdit

The Giovanni Battista Lacchini Award is named for him. The Lunar crater Lacchini on the far-side of the Moon and the Mars-crossing asteroid 145962 Lacchini were also named in his honor.[1][3]


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  • "Atlante celeste spettroscopico", Faenza, 1958.


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