Ginés de Pasamonte

Ginés de Pasamonte is a fictional character in Miguel de Cervantes' novel Don Quixote.

Ginés de Pasamonte
Don Quixote character
First appearancePart I, Chapter 22 (as prisoner)
Last appearancePart II, Chapter 26 (as puppet master)
Created byMiguel de Cervantes
In-universe information
AliasGinesillo de Parapilla
OccupationThief, writer, puppet-showman

Ginés first appears as a criminal freed by Don Quixote in the 22nd chapter of the first part of the novel. After his release, he escapes Don Quixote and the guards. He later reappears as Maese Pedro, a puppet-showman who claims that he can talk to his monkey, on the 26th chapter of the second part.

He also stole Sancho's donkey, a part that was omitted from the first edition.

Prior to his release by Don Quixote, Ginés tells him that he is in the process of writing his own autobiography. Don Quixote interrogates this writer about his book;

"Is it so good?" said Don Quixote.

"So good is it," replied Gines, "that a fig for 'Lazarillo de Tormes,' and all of that kind that have been written, or shall be written compared with it: all I will say about it is that it deals with facts, and facts so neat and diverting that no lies could match them."

"And how is the book entitled?" asked Don Quixote.

"The Life of Gines de Pasamonte," replied the subject of it.

"And is it finished?" asked Don Quixote.

"How can it be finished," said the other, "when my life is not yet


— Literature Network: Miguel de Cervantes: Don Quixote, [1]

This is the only reference to the popular novel Lazarillo de Tormes in the book, and it acts as an alterego for Don Quixote's will to be a literary hero in his own lifetime.

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