Giganten (board game)

Giganten , also named as "Dinosaures Giganti" is a 2-player board game designed by Herbert Pinthus and first published in 1981 by Carlit[1] . Gameplay is inspired by another game "Stratego" and created in prehistoric setting. There were two editions.

  • Small edition, added variable terrain (land, swamp, lakes). Lakes were not terrain but obstacles.
  • Large edition: added variable board consisting of 4 parts and added 2 more dinosaurs.
Designer(s)Herbert Pinthus
Publication date1981
Playing time30 minutes
Skill(s) requiredStrategy

The large won the Essen Feather-prize (prize for the best rules) in 1983 [2] .


Each player has a set of 23 saurians (dinosaurs of various kinds, pterodactyls, plesiosaurs, etc) which are stand-up cardboard pieces with plain backs, so the opponent cannot tell which piece is which. Pieces move and attack each other Stratego-fashion, with the goal being to find your opponent's eggs. Pieces have numbers to indicate their strength.



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