The Giardino Bellini (also known as Villa Bellini; English translation: "Bellini Garden") is the oldest[1] urban park of Catania.

Landscape from the main entrance

It occupies 70.942 .[2]

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Main stairs during the Festival of Saint Agatha, 1993

Before the construction of a public garden, the area was occupied by the garden maze or labyrinth owned by the Ignazio Paternò Castello, prince of Biscari.[3][4] In 1854, the Comune di Catania bought the area of the maze, and in 1864 started to adapt the area into a public garden.[3] Starting from 1875, the municipality acquired several further areas surrounding the maze, and two years later the work to unify these areas was undertaken.[3]

A guide from 1867 reports the gardens housed swan and geese, deer and cows, an aviary, and an enclosure of monkeys. The park has a white marble bust depicting Vincenzo Bellini and completed by Tito Angiolini.[5]

The Giardino Bellini was finally inaugurated in 1883.[3]

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