Eric Whitney (born April 15, 1991),[7] known professionally as Ghostemane or Eric Ghoste[8] is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. He has released eight solo albums and three collaborative albums under his Ghostemane moniker, primarily merging elements heavy metal, hip hop and industrial music. Whitney has also releases music with a number of additional solo-projects, pursuing styles including black metal as Baader-Meinhof, noise music as GASM,[5] and electronic music as Swearr.[9] He began his career in local hardcore punk and doom metal bands around Florida.[10][11] In 2015, he moved to Los Angeles, California, starting a career as a rapper, under the moniker Ill Bizz.[9] Around this same time, he was a member of the hip hop collective Schemaposse.[12]

Ghostemane performing in 2017
Ghostemane performing in 2017
Background information
Birth nameEric Whitney
Also known as
  • Eric Ghoste
  • Baader-Meinhof
  • Swearr
  • GASM
Born (1991-04-15) April 15, 1991 (age 30)
Lake Worth, Florida
OriginWest Palm Beach, Florida
  • Songwriter
  • musician
  • rapper
  • Vocals
  • guitar
  • drums
  • bass
  • synthesizers
Years active2010–present
Associated acts
  • Nemesis
  • Swearr
  • Seven Serpents
  • Schemaposse
  • Poppy

Ghostemane's merging of trap and metal gained him popularity on SoundCloud. In 2018, Ghostemane released his seventh studio album, N/O/I/S/E, which was highly anticipated in the underground music scene[13] due to its heavy influence from industrial and nu metal groups.

Early lifeEdit

Eric Whitney was born on April 15, 1991 in Lake Worth, Florida to parents from New York.[14] Whitney grew up in West Palm Beach, Florida. As a teenager, he was mainly interested in hardcore punk music. He learned to play the guitar and performed in several bands,[15] including Nemesis and Seven Serpents.[10][16] He also played football while he was in high school, saying he was practically forced to by his father, who died when Whitney was seventeen.[14]

Whitney was introduced to rap music when he was the guitarist in the hardcore punk band Nemesis and a band mate introduced him to Memphis rap.[10]


Prior to his musical career, Whitney worked in several B2B sales positions.[14] In 2015, Whitney moved to Los Angeles, California due to his not musically thriving in Southern Florida. He also gave up his employment.[15] Meeting up with JGRXXN, Whitney joined his collective Schemaposse, which included artists such as Craig Xen and Lil Peep.[17]

In April 2016, after just 1 year with the group, Whitney left Schemaposse.[18] He subsequently released his self-produced album "Blackmage" and his first cinematic music video with his single "John Dee". Whitney eventually began to associate with fellow Florida rapper Pouya.[19] Pouya released the video for "1000 Rounds" with Ghostemane in April 2017.[20] The video quickly went viral and as of August 2020, has over 24 million views.[21]

In 2018, Whitney saw greater success when art collective TRASH GANG created and released their 1930s cartoon edit music video for his song Mercury: Retrograde. The video has since climbed to over 279 million views, making his most well known single.

In October 2018 he teamed up with Zubin to release a track titled Broken.[22] Also in 2018, he released his seventh studio album, N/O/I/S/E, in which many of the songs are influenced by industrial metal, nu metal, Metallica, Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails. In May 2020, he unveiled his latest project, a lo-fi black metal band called Baader-Meinhof, of which he is the sole member (credited as Eric Ghoste).[23] Ghostemane is also the sole producer of his fiancée Poppy's Christmas EP A Very Poppy Christmas released in December 2020.


Lyrically, Ghostemane's themes focus around occultism, depression, nihilism, and death. He started his career as a musician playing guitar in hardcore punk bands, and drums in doom metal bands.[11] He has stated that his biggest influence is black metal band Bathory.[10] He spent most of his teenage years listening to extreme metal bands such as Deicide, Death, Carcass and Mayhem.[7] In terms of rap music, Ghostemane is influenced by Southern rap groups such as Outkast and Three 6 Mafia. He has also gone on to cite Midwest rap group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony as an early influence.[24]

Personal lifeEdit

In October 2019, Ghostemane began dating musician and YouTuber Poppy. In July 2020, Poppy announced on social media that the two were engaged.[25][26]

Backing bandEdit

  • Parv0 – DJ[27]
  • Nolan Nunes – bass[28]
  • Cayle Sain – drums[28]
  • Mark Bronzino – guitar[29]


As GhostemaneEdit

Studio albumsEdit

  • Oogabooga (2015)
  • For the Aspiring Occultist (2015)
  • Rituals (2016)
  • Blackmage (2016)
  • Plagues (2016)
  • Hexada (2017)
  • N / O / I / S / E (2018)
  • ANTI-ICON (2020)

Collaboration albumsEdit

  • Pallbearers || Tales from the Grave (w/DJ Killa C) (2015)
  • GRXXNGHOSTENAGROM (w/JGRXXN x Nedarb Nagrom) (2015)
  • Elemental (w/Lil Peep x JGRXXN) (2016)


  • Astral Kreepin (Resurrected Hitz) (2015)
  • Get To Know Us (w/Lil Peep x JGRXXN) (2016)
  • Hiadica (2019)

Extended playsEdit

  • Ghoste Tales (2015)
  • Dogma (2015)
  • Kreep [Klassics Out Tha Attic] (2015)
  • DÆMON (w/Nedarb Nagrom) (2016)
  • DÆMON II (w/Nedarb Nagrom) (2016)
  • DÆMON III (w/Nedarb Nagrom) (2017)
  • Dahlia I (w/Getter) (2018)
  • Fear Network (2019)[30]
  • Opium (2019)
  • Human Err0r (w/Parv0) (2019)
  • Digital Demons (w/Nolife) (2019)


  • Blunts n' Brass Monkey (2014)
  • Taboo (2014)

As Ill BizEdit


  • Revival (ft. Shepherd) (2012)
  • versatyle (2013)
  • [Soh] [fahy] mixtape (ft. Infinite SoFi) (2013)
  • ILL BiZ EP (ft. Infinite SoFi) (2013)
  • 1991 (2014)


Studio albumsEdit

  • Www (2018)


Extended playsEdit

  • Technomancer (2019)

As Baader-MeinhofEdit

Extended playsEdit

  • EP (2016)
  • Evil Beneath a Veil of Justice (2019)
  • Baader-Meinhof (2020)

With NemesisEdit

Extended playsEdit

  • From the Neighborhood (2012)

With Seven SerpentsEdit

Extended playsEdit

  • Seven Serpents (2015)

As Eric GhosteEdit

  • Music from the Motion Picture (2021)


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