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Gh0st RAT

Gh0st RAT is a Trojan horse for the Windows platform that the operators of GhostNet used to hack into some of the most sensitive computer networks on Earth.[2] It is a cyber spying computer program. The "Rat" part of the name refers to the software's ability to operate as a "Remote Administration Tool".

Gh0st RAT
Developer(s)C.Rufus Security Team
(Hong Lang Xiao Zu)
Preview release
Gh0st RAT Beta 3.6
Written inC++
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows
Available inChinese
LicensePublic Domain[1]

The GhostNet system disseminates malware to selected recipients via computer code attached to stolen emails and addresses, thereby expanding the network by allowing more computers to be infected.[3] According to the Infowar Monitor (IWM), "GhostNet" infection causes computers to download a Trojan known as "Gh0st RAT" that allows attackers to gain complete, real-time control.[4] Such a computer can be controlled or inspected by its hackers, and the software even has the ability to turn on the camera and audio-recording functions of an infected computer that has such capabilities, enabling monitors to see and hear what goes on in a room.

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