Gerad Dhidhin

Gerad Dhidhin (Somali: Abdulaahi Kooge Maxamuud Harti, Arabic: عبد الله كوجى محمود هرتى), also known as Gerad Abdulahi, was the founder of the Warsangali Sultanate in the late 13th century in the territory of present-day North Somalia.

Gerad Abdulahi Kooge Mohamud Harti
جراد عبد الله كوجى محمود هرتى
1st Sultan of the Warsangali Sultanate
Sovereign of the House of North East of Somaliland Sultanate
Sultan of Sultans of Somaliland
SuccessorGerad Hamar Gale (1311–1328)
DynastyWarsangali Dynasty