George Howard, 4th Earl of Suffolk

George Howard, 4th Earl of Suffolk (c. 17 July 1625 – 21 April 1691) was an English peer.[1] He was a son of Theophilus Howard, 2nd Earl of Suffolk, and was styled Hon. George Howard from 1640 to 1688/9.

He was commissioned a captain in the Dutch States Army in 1646. In 1647, he became Master of the Horse to the Duke of York, and a Gentleman of the Bedchamber to the Duke in 1648.[citation needed] In January 1688/9 he succeeded his brother, James Howard, 3rd Earl of Suffolk as Earl of Suffolk. He died in 1691 without male issue and was succeeded by his brother Henry.[2] His daughter Elizabeth married Percy Kirke and his daughter Anne married William Jephson.


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Peerage of England
Preceded by
James Howard
Earl of Suffolk
Succeeded by
Henry Howard