George André Martin

Georges André Martin (1910-1957) was a French actor and variety performer. In addition to performing on stage, he also appeared in a number of films and on television shows.[1]

Georges André Martin


Finger dancing actEdit

Martin's signature act consisted in making his fingers take on human-like qualities and perform different kinds of dances,[4][5][6][7][8] "[using] the forefingers of both hands to show taps, ballet, and ballroom stuff, covering his wrists with various cuffs".[9][10] A reviewer from Time magazine, in 1936, described the act thus:

"M. Martin amiably drew on a pair of black gloves whose first and second fingers were missing. Over his four bare fingers he pulled two pairs of little red pants, apologizing for 'dressing in public.' Thus costumed, M. Martin's agile fingers looked like bare legs, his hands became an incredibly realistic team of tiny dancers."[11]

There exists a short video, produced by British Pathé and entitled "Finger Dancing!", which shows him performing this act at the Trocadero Restaurant in London in 1933.[12]

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