Genus plc

Genus plc is a British-based business selling elite genetics and other products manufactured using biotechnology to cattle and pig farmers. It is headquartered in Basingstoke and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.

Genus plc
HeadquartersBasingstoke, Hampshire, UK
Key people
Iain Ferguson, Chairman[1]
Steven Wilson, CEO[1]
RevenueIncrease £551.4 million (2020)[2]
Increase £47.6 million (2020)[2]
Increase £40.9 million (2020)[2]


The business has its origins in the former Breeding & Production Division of the Milk Marketing Board which was established in 1933 and broken up in 1994.[3] In 1999 Genus acquired ABS Global, a company founded by J.R. Prentice in the US as the American Breeders Service in 1941 selling the semen of cattle.[4] In 2005 Genus acquired, through the takeover of Sygen International plc, PIC, a company founded by six pork producers in the UK as the Pig Improvement Company in 1962.[5]


The Company has three divisions:[6]

  • ABS - products for cattle
  • PIC - products for pigs
  • Genus R&D - management of the research and development pipeline for cattle, pigs and other species.


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