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General of the army ranks by countryEdit

  • East Germany: Army general (East Germany)
  • Indonesia: Jenderal Besar
  • Liberia: The "five-star" general of the army (or field marshal) rank was first used by Samuel Doe (1951–1990) who promoted himself from master sergeant to the rank after seizing control of the nation. The insignia of grade was worn as five stars in a row on the collar and a circle of five stars on headgear. The rank was later worn as a circle of five gold stars on the collar by President Charles Taylor (b. 1948). The senior professional military rank in the Liberian army is now usually a "two-star" officer.
  • Russia: General of the Army (USSR); General of the Army (Russia)
  • United States of America: General of the Army (GA)[1]
  • Yugoslav People's Army – 4 star general

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