Geminola was a New York vintage clothing store located at 41 Perry Street in the West Village. It was founded in 2004 by Lorraine Kirke, the daughter of a major British tycoon and the ex of Free and Bad Company musician Simon Kirke. The store's name was a combination of the names of three of her daughters and son, Greg, Domino, Jemima and Lola. Jemima Kirke wore a Geminola green velvet dress for the red carpet premier of GIRLS. The show's writer, Lena Dunham, worked there during her college years.[1]

Many of the dresses sold at Geminola were one-of-a-kind pieces, made from vintage dresses and materials.[2] Often only a few dresses of each vintage design were made, due to limited supply of the material.[3]

The store was frequented by Sarah Jessica Parker and pieces were included in the show Sex and the City,[4] other celebrity customers include Nicole Kidman, and Courtney Love[5] Singer/model Kemp Muhl once mentioned Geminola as being one of her fashion inspirations.[6] Model Daisy Lowe mentioned a piece she got from Geminola in a Vogue article.[7] The store is mentioned in a piece about the band The Pierces, and in other publications.[1]

Geminola's clothing was used in fashion spreads in the magazines Vogue, Teen Vogue, and Elle. In June 2013 the store was featured in a piece in Teen Vogue featuring sisters, Domino, Lola, and Jemima modeling the clothing. The music in this piece is by Domino.[8] It was mentioned in The Village Voice as being a bright spot in the West Village.[9]

Following a 12-year run, Geminola closed in 2016.[10]


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