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Gel wipe is a moisturizing gel applied to dry toilet paper for cleaning purposes like personal hygiene or to reduce skin irritation from diarrhea. It is an alternative to wet wipes[1].



Estonian Siim Saat is seen as the inventor of gel wipe in 2011. In 2016 he was nominated among 7 healthcare startup entrepreneurs in the world by HSC1 (Healthcare Startup Society in London) [2][3] Gel wipe is seen as the solution to wet wipe pollution.[4][5]


Although marketed primarily for wiping adults and baby’s bottoms, it’s not uncommon to use it against skin rash, in the case of diarrhea or even as a substitute for water and soap on hiking trips.[6][7][8]

Gel Wipes began to be marketed as complimentary hygiene product for toilet paper by SATU laboratory,[9] as a luxury option by St Joseph’s Toiletries [10] or hipster product by Zum Bum.[11] and Zero Taboos that makes Wipegel [12] Many adults now use gel wipe with toilet paper as an alternative to wet wipe that are causing a lot of environmental and sewer problems.[13] [14] All wet wipes sold as "flushable" in the UK have so far failed the water industry's disintegration tests, the BBC has found.[15] Gel wipe is popular among travelers and hikers, outdoor festivals as an upgrade for communal toilet and toilets. Also a recent study at Ryerson University tested 23 wipes with the "flushable" label and found only two that partially disintegrated. [16]

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