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The Gautam Brahmins are those Hindu Brahmins, who affiliate either with Gautam gotra and/or with Gautam Dharmasūtra.


The name Gautam (Sanskrit: गौतम, a vrddhi patronymic of Gotama and also transliterated as Gautama or Gauthama) is one of the ancient Indian names and is derived from the Sanskrit roots गः gaḥ and तम tama. Tama means “darkness” and gaḥ means inter alia "bright light". Together, they indicate that one, who dispels darkness (i.e. ignorance) by his brilliance (i.e., spiritual knowledge).[1]

Gautam Brahmins are generally found in western part of Uttar Pradesh (mainly in Mathura, Agra, Hathras, Aligarh and Bulandsahar districts) and also in adjoining Rajasthan.

Notable peopleEdit


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