Gari and beans is a type of dish made of staple foods in Ghana. It is usually common in the southern parts of Ghana popularly called bober, borbor[1] or gobɛ,[2] yo ke gari and even red red.[3]

A picture of Gari and beans served with ripe plantain.

Ingredients edit

How it is made edit

  • soak beans overnight and boil it till it softens [5]
  • heat palm oil with onions in sauce pan to add flavour
  • measure a spoonful of gari to mix evenly
  • add the palm oil and mix evenly
  • serve with fried plantain and egg or sliced avocado as a preference
  • vegetables maybe added

Nutritional significance edit

Gari and beans is very nutritious.Gari is starchy, rich and serves as a source of energy.[6] Beans has a considerable amount of iron and protein. The staple make up a complete protein providing the body with essential minerals.

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