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La Défense (French pronunciation: ​[la defɑ̃s]) is a station of the Transilien (Réseau Saint-Lazare) suburban rail lines, RER commuter rail network, Paris Métro, as well as a stop of the Île-de-France tram network. It is underneath the Grande Arche building in La Défense, the business district just west of Paris. The station is the western terminus of Métro Line 1 and connects the RER A line to the Métro Line 1 station La Défense–Grande Arche since 1992, the Line 2 tramway since 1994 and SNCF (Transilien) train station. It is also attached to a major shopping centre. There are over 25 million entries and exits each year. A temporary special SNCF service began in April 1959 (1959-04) to serve the newly-built Centre of New Industries and Technologies (CNIT); the RER entered service on 19 January 1970 (1970-01-19).[1][2][3]

La Défense
Paris Métro RER Transilien Tramways in Île-de-France
Paris Métro, RER and Transilien station & tram stop
RER A platforms at La Défense
Station view
LocationPuteaux, Hauts-de-Seine
Coordinates48°53′31″N 2°14′19″E / 48.891852°N 2.238539°E / 48.891852; 2.238539Coordinates: 48°53′31″N 2°14′19″E / 48.891852°N 2.238539°E / 48.891852; 2.238539
Owned bySNCF & RATP
Operated bySNCF & RATP
  • Paris Métro Paris Métro Line 1
  • Transilien Transilien Transilien
  • Tramways in Île-de-France Île-de-France tramway Line 2
Platforms2 (RER) / 2 (Transilien) / 2 (Métro) / 1 (Tramway)
Tracks4 (RER) / 4 (Transilien) / 2 (Métro) / 2 (Tramway)
Other information
Station code87382218 (SNCF) / 87758011 (RER A)
Fare zone2 (RATP) / 3 (SNCF)
OpenedApril 1959 (1959-04) (SNCF)
19 January 1970 (1970-01-19) (RATP)
15,329,402 (2017)9th out of 302
Preceding station   Paris Métro   Following station
TerminusParis Métro Paris Métro Line 1toward Château de Vincennes
toward Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Cergy-le-Haut or PoissyRER RER Atoward Boissy-Saint-Léger or Marne-la-Vallée–Chessy
toward Paris-St.-LazareTransilien Transilientoward Saint-Nom-la-Bretèche or Versailles-RD
TerminusTransilien Transilientoward La Verrière

Highlights on the surface nearby include the monumental Grande Arche, skyscrapers that host the headquarters of important French and foreign companies, and works of urban art such as Le Pouce by César Baldaccini. From the central esplanade the Arc de Triomphe can be seen further down the Axe historique. Until May 2004, this part of La Défense hosted an information centre of the European Union managed by the European Parliament. Like the district it serves, the station takes its name from the 19th-century statue La Défense de Paris, commemorating the Franco-Prussian War.

Lines serving this stationEdit

There are four platforms in the Transilien station :

In the morning:

  • Platforms 1 and 3 are used for PSL Group III lines to Paris
  • Platform 2 is used for PSL Group III lines to Versailles Rive Droite / St Nom la Breteche – Forêt de Marly
  • Platform 4 is used for La Défense – La Verrière line

In the afternoon:

  • Platform 1 is used for PSL Group III lines to Paris
  • Platforms 2 and 4 are used for PSL Group III lines to Versailles Rive Droite / St Nom la Breteche – Forêt de Marly
  • Platform 3 is used for La Défense – La Verrière line

Station layout (Paris Métro)Edit

G Street Level Exits/Entrances
M Mezzanine to Exits/Entrances
passageway to RER/Transilien lines
Line 1 platforms Platform 1     termination platform
Side platform with PSDs, doors will open on the left
Side platform with PSDs, doors will open on the left
Platform 2     toward Château de Vincennes (Esplanade de La Défense)
  • Note: These are two side platforms located some distance apart, as opposed to one island platform; the layout does not show the platforms accurately.


La Défense RER platform panorama


In popular cultureEdit

Buffet froid, the film, begins at La Défense station.[4][5]

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