Cergy-le-Haut station

Cergy-le-Haut is a railway station in Cergy, a Paris suburb. The station was built in 1994 by the Agence des gares (J.-M. Duthilleul, É. Tricaud) and receives trains from Gare Saint-Lazare as well as the RER.

RER and Transilien station
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Cergy-le-Haut station
Owned byRATP
Other information
Station code87382655
Fare zone5
Opened29 August 1994
Preceding station   RER   Following station
TerminusRER RER A
Transilien TransilienTerminus

The station is half underground and was built in an area of openland fields, now built upon and is part of the network of stations serving the ville nouvelle of Cergy-Pontoise. It was part of a large project to develop the area and smart Parisian style buildings have been built next to the station around a plaza situated above the tracks. Cergy-le-Haut is not yet fully developed so fields are next to the station and next to seven-storey high apartment buildings.

Patronage is high so during the rush hours it is served by RER trains every ten minutes and by suburban trains every ten minutes. Trains on RER services are usually MI 84, MI 2N and MI 09 whilst trains on suburban services are Z50000 & Z6400.

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Coordinates: 49°02′53″N 2°00′43″E / 49.048°N 2.012°E / 49.048; 2.012