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Ganja Auto Plant (Azerbaijani: Gəncə Avtomobil Zavodu), is an auto assembly plant situated in the Ganja city in Azerbaijan. The factory was founded in 1986 as KiAZ (Kirovabad Automobile Plant) for a production of run of 30,000 "GAZelle" vans according to the project brief. The commissioning was intended to end in 1989 but following a decision of Ministers Cabinets of USSR the construction of the factory was interrupted and the technological project was given to Bryansk automobile plant. The 256 hectares of territory and 50 hectares of production territory stayed without utilization for 15 years.

Ganja Auto Plant
Public Company
PredecessorKiAZ (Kirovabad Automobile Factory)
Area served
Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey
Productsautomobiles, tractors, trucks, buses
SubsidiariesATUB Turkey

Construction of an automobile plant was considered by the government after Azerbaijan had obtained its independence. Since 1994 the giant and famous automobile companies of Italy, Korea, Japan, France and Germany have shown interest in the institution, but negotiations held with them ended without a deal.

In December 2004 Ganja automobile plant restarted manufacturing and the first car built at the factory was sold. In 2008 the plant produced about 600 cars and tractors.[1]


Construction of the plant began in 1986 under the name KiAZ (Kirovabad Automobile Factory). The production capacity of the plant was designed to produce 30,000 cars. Construction of the plant for the project was supposed to end in 1989, but because of the collapse of the Soviet Union the construction and operation of the plant was postponed indefinitely. In December 2004 it opened as the Gyandzha Auto Plant and the first car that came out of their production line was presented that year. In the year 2008 the factory produced about 600 vehicles from cars and tractors. Also bus assembly launches in GA.[2]

In parallel, this plant serves as one example of Azeri government to show progress in diversifying its economy, always dependent on oil and gas, and has been able to serve other purposes, in particular, to give political proaganda his government, but not to give any autosificiencia in its main weaknesses, such as the import of transport equipment other nations.[dubious ]

Despite the efforts[3] made in this plant by Russian plants, the production is still very low, being just hundreds, where facility on the original idea could accommodate increased production.

Recently Moldova, Belarus[3][4] and Russia[3] investors have visited the plant in order to see the progress made and the production of their products in this factory.

The opening of the Azerbaijan-Belarus tractor producing plant took place on April 15, 2019 in Turkey, a source in the Ganja Automobile Plant Production Association told[citation needed]


  RUS Lada
  BLR MAZ trucks
  • MAZ 551605-272 (2007-present)
  • MAZ 555102-223 (2007-present)
  • MAZ 631705-212 (2007-present)
  • MAZ 642205-222 (2007-present)
  • MAZ 642208-232 (2007-present)
  • MAZ 953000-010 (2007-present)
  BLR MTZ Belarus tractors
  • Belarus 80.1 (2007-present)
  • Belarus 80.3 (2007-present)
  • Belarus 82.1 (2007-present)
  • Belarus 892 (2007-present)
  • Belarus 1025 (2007-present)
  • Belarus 1221 (2007-present)
  CHN Chang'an Automobile Group Vans & trucks
  • Changan Van Ganca (2005)
  • Changan Pick Up Truck (2005)


Cars and trucks


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