Gang War in Naples

Gang War in Naples (Italian: Camorra) is a 1972 crime film written and directed by Pasquale Squitieri.[2][1]

Gang War in Naples
Directed byPasquale Squitieri
Produced bySergio Bonotti[1]
Screenplay byPasquale Squitieri[1]
Story byPasquale Squitieri[1]
Music byManuel De Sica[1]
CinematographyGiulio Albonico[1]
Edited byDaniele Alabiso[1]
  • Mondial Te. Fi.
  • Europa Film
  • Parafrance[1]
Distributed byTitanus
Release date
  • 24 August 1972 (1972-08-24) (Italy)
  • 30 August 1972 (1972-08-30) (France)
Running time
113 minutes[1]
  • Italy
  • France[1]
Box office₤1,345 billion



Gang War in Naples was director Pasquale Squitieri's fourth film after directing three spaghetti Westerns.[1] Fabio Testi was cast in the film as Tonino Russo after Squitieri saw him in Le Tueur with Jean Gabin.[1] Squitieri went to Paris to meet him despite his producers wanting to cast Massimo Ranieri and Martin Balsam for the roles.[1] Squitieri explained that he "didn't have anything against those actors, but I needed someone who would scare the audience when he came on the screen, and Fabio Testi, with his imposing physique, was just perfect."[1] Squitieri also casted Raymond Pellegrin, noting that Pellegrin "was my idol, he starred in a movie I adore, André Cayatte's Are We All Murderers?."[3] Squiteri also declared casting Jean Seberg was easy as she was Testi's girlfriend at the time.[3]

The film was shot at Incir-De Paolis in Rome and on location in Naples.[1]


Gang War in Naples was distributed theatrically in Italy by Titanus on 24 August 1972.[1] The film grossed a total of 1,345,608,000 Italian lire domestically.[1] Film historian and critic Roberto Curti described the box office success of the film in Italy was to the Camorra what The Godfather was to film on the Sicilian mafia".[1]

It was distributed in France on 30 August 1972 with a 100-minute running time as Les tueurs a gages.[1]


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