Gameela Muhammad Ismail Muhammad (Arabic: جميلة محمد إسماعيل محمد; born 1966) is an Egyptian politician, activist, and former television presenter. She was actively involved in calling for and participating in the January 25 Revolution.

Gameela Ismail
جميلة إسماعيل
Personal details
Cairo, Egypt
Political partyConstitution Party

Background, education, and family life edit

Ismail was formerly married to politician Ayman Nour.[1] They have two sons.

Throughout her career, Ismail has worked as an advocate for human and women's rights, as a television presenter for Egyptian state television, as a stringer for Newsweek, and as a media spokesperson.[citation needed]

Career and political involvement before 2011 edit

She challenged an NDP figure in 2007.[2]

Ismail founded Egyptian Women for Change.[3]

Involvement in the January 25 Revolution edit

In August 2014, Mubarak-era Interior Minister Habib al-Adly accused Ismail and others of "setting police stations ablaze with Molotov cocktails" during the 18-day uprising.[4]

After January 25 edit

She was elected head of the Constitution Party in July 2022.[5] In September 2023 she announced her candidacy for the 2023 Egyptian presidential election.[6] She withdrew from the election on 11 October after the Constitution Party held a meeting the previous day in which they refused to allow her to run as a candidate.[7]

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