The Galabri (Ancient Greek: Γαλάβριοι) were a Dardanian tribe, along with the Thunatae, mentioned by Strabo.[1]


The tribe is mentioned by Ancient Greek author Strabo in his Geographica as Γαλάβριοι Galabrioi. The tribal name Galabri/Galabrioi has been connected to the Messapic name Calabri/Calabrioi in Apulia (south-eastern Italy). It has been further connected to the Albanian toponym Gallapi in present-day north-eastern Kosovo.[2]


According to Strabo an old city was located in the region of the Dardanian tribe of the Galabri.[3][4] It has been tentatively suggested that it should be sought at Kale in Skopje.[4]

Strabo's account indicates higher social development and acculturation in the area; also the informations provided by other classical sources concerning the Dardanians suggest that their society was at an advanced phase of development.[4]

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