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Gaius Vettius Gratus Sabinianus (c. 180 – c. 225) was a Roman senator who was appointed consul in AD 221.


A member of the Gens Vetti, Gratus Sabinianus was probably the grandson of Gaius Vettius Sabinianus Julius Hospes who was the suffect consul in around AD 176. Presumably a recently established Patrician,[1] he began his career in the military, serving as the sevir equitum Romanorum (or commander) of the 3rd Turmae. He was then probably promoted to the rank of Military tribune of the Legio VII Claudia.[2] With the emperor’s consent, he turned his eye to a political career. He may have been selected as an imperial candidate for the office of Quaestor, followed by his nomination for the office of Praetor tutelarius, responsible for matters pertaining to guardianships.[2]

Gratus Sabinianus’ next appointment was as the curator of the Via Flaminia, and included responsibility for the supply of food into Rome. He was then elected as consul prior alongside Marcus Flavius Vitellius Seleucus in AD 221. It is speculated that Gratus Sabinianus died shortly after his consulship.[3]

Gratus Sabinianus had at least one son, Gaius Vettius Gratus Atticus Sabinianus, who was elected consul in AD 242.


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