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Publius Valerius Eutychianus Comazon (died after 222) was a Roman general and ally of emperor Elagabalus. Comazon began his career as an ordinary army recruit under the Emperor Commodus, whom he served as a soldier in the province of Thrace. While there he suffered a demotion from the provincial government under Tiberius Claudius Attalus Paterculianus. However, this incident did not permanently affect his military career.

Publius Valerius Eutychianus Comazon
DiedAfter 222
AllegianceRoman Empire
Years of service218–219
RankPraetorian prefect
Commands heldLegio III Gallica (??–218)
Praetorian Guard (218–219)
Other workConsul of the Roman Empire in 220
City prefect of Rome in 220, 221 and 222

In the year 218 he commanded the Legio II Parthica, which was temporarily stationed in Apamea in Syria. Upon the accession of Macrinus as emperor in 217, Comazon orchestrated a revolt among the Third Legion to help secure the throne for Elagabalus, who was tied to the Severan dynasty. Comazon was later rewarded with various important offices in the Empire, including prefect of Elagabalus' bodyguard, known as the Praetorian Guard, consul in 220 and an unprecedented three terms as City prefect in 220, 221 and 222.

Elagabalus proved to be a highly unpopular ruler, and after barely four years in office, he was murdered by members of the Praetorian Guard who proclaimed his cousin Alexander Severus emperor in his place. However Comazon survived the overthrow and under the new Emperor again assumed the office of city prefect. It can be concluded that he retired after the conclusion of his tenure, but his date of death is not known.


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Political offices
Preceded by
Quintus Tineius Sacerdos
Consul of the Roman Empire
with Elagabalus
Succeeded by
Gaius Vettius Gratus Sabinianus,
Marcus Flavius Vitellius Seleucus