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The Gaithersburg Police Department (GPD) is the municipal police force of Gaithersburg, Maryland.[3][4]

Gaithersburg Police Department
Patch of the Gaithersburg Police Department.png
Seal of Gaithersburg, Maryland.png
Seal of the City of Gaithersburg
Badge of the Gaithersburg Police Department.png
Badge of a Gaithersburg Police Department officer
Common nameGaithersburg P.D.
MottoMinisterium, integritas, observantia
(In Latin: "Service, integrity, respect.")
Agency overview
FormedApril 1, 1963
Annual budget$9,200,000 (as of 2014)
Legal jurisdictionGaithersburg, Maryland, U.S.
Headquarters14 Fulks Corner Ave, Gaithersburg, Maryland, U.S.[1]

Sworn officers57 (as of December 2016)[2]
Unsworn civilian employees9 (as of December 2016)
Agency executive
  • Mark P. Sroka, Chief of Police
CarsFord Police Interceptor Sedan, Ford Police Interceptor Utility, Dodge Charger



A Gaithersburg police car in the 1960s
Gaithersburg P.D. motorcycle officer, c. 1980s
Gaithersburg P.D. car, c. 1980s
Former GPD patches from the 20th century. During the 20th century, the GPD used a star-shaped badge.[5]

1963–1986: FoundingEdit

The Gaithersburg Police Department was founded on April 1, 1963,[6] when a resolution creating it was signed into law by the mayor of the city at the time, Merton F. Duvall.

The town budget for fiscal year 1964 included "police protection" salaries for the solitary officer amounting to $4,000 (equivalent to 32313$ today), and equipment purchases of $500 (equivalent to 4039$ today).

It was under the administration of Chief DeVries that the Gaithersburg city police began to operate under its current system of dispatch through the Montgomery County Police Department. As a former Montgomery County Police lieutenant, DeVries was in a position to work with the County Police in a way that had previously not been possible.

1986–1998: Expansion and modernizationEdit

The Gaithersburg Police Department grew from an authorized strength of three sworn officers and one civilian clerk in the early 1970s, when the city's population was 7,000, to its current complement of 57 sworn officers and nine civilians. The majority of that growth occurred from 1986 to 1998 under the direction of Chief Viverette.

In 1983, the GPD formed a traffic unit.

Mary Ann Viverette was Chief from 1986 until her retirement in May 2007. John King succeeded Chief Viverette until 2010. The Department currently falls under the leadership of Mark P. Sroka.



From 1971 to 1990, the Gaithersburg Police Department only hired officers who had former experience as police officers.

The majority of the Gaithersburg's police officers have come from other agencies. The experience of these officers comes from agencies such as Montgomery County, Washington, D.C., United States Secret Service, Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, Maryland National Capital Police, and Baltimore City, to name a few.


David Marstiller was the first Chief of Police,[7] although there are references to a "Town Marshall" in the minutes of Town Council Meetings prior to 1963.

Over the years, there would be several chiefs of police; James Tassie, formerly of the Rockville City Police Department; Marson Johnson, who had been an officer in Michigan; John F. DeVries and George Fusco, both of whom had retired from the Montgomery County Police Department as lieutenants.

List of chiefsEdit

No. Chief Rank Life Tenure Notes
1 David Marstiller Chief
James Tassie Chief Former Rockville City Police Department officer.
Marson Harry Johnson, Sr. Director of Police Services[8] February 20, 1941 – June 11, 2004 (aged 63) 1974–1977 Former Michigan policeman.
John F. DeVries, Sr. Chief Died in 1981 at age 52.[9] 1977–1980 Former MCPD lieutenant
  George Fusco[10] Chief 1981–1986 Former MCPD lieutenant.
Mary Ann Viverette[11] Chief 1986–2007[12] Retired in May 2007
John King[13] Chief 2007–2010
Mark P. Sroka Chief 2010–present

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