Gage Golf and Curling Club

The Gage Golf and Curling Club (French: Club de Golf et Curling Gage) is a golf and curling club located at CFB Gagetown in Oromocto, New Brunswick.[2]

Gage Golf and Curling Club
Location55 Fraser Ave.
Oromocto, New Brunswick, Canada

45°50′43″N 66°29′39″W / 45.8454°N 66.4943°W / 45.8454; -66.4943
Established1950 (golf)
Club typeDedicated Ice
Curling Canada regionNew Brunswick Curling Association
Sheets of ice4[1]
Rock coloursRed and Blue

History edit

The golf club was built in 1950 and was designed by C. E. Robbie Robinson.[3]

In 2016, the golf course was damaged when someone drove onto the course, leaving behind empty beer cans in the process.[4]

Provincial champions (curling) edit

The curling club made news in 2020 when it sent a team to the Brier, the Scotties Tournament of Hearts and an junior mixed doubles event in Sweden.[5]

Men's edit

Winners of the New Brunswick Tankard:

Year Team Brier record
2006 James Grattan, Wayne Tallon, Jason Vaughan, Jeff Lacey 5–6
2008 James Grattan, Mike Kennedy, Jason Vaughan, Peter Case 2–9
2009 Russ Howard, James Grattan, Steven Howard, Peter Case, Jason Vaughan 6–5
2010 James Grattan, Steven Howard, Jason Vaughan, Peter Case 3–8
2011 James Grattan, Charlie Sullivan, Steven Howard, Peter Case 4–7
2013 James Grattan, Jason Roach, Darren Roach, Peter Case 5–6
2014 James Grattan, Jason Roach, Darren Roach, Josh Barry 6–5
2018 James Grattan, Chris Jeffrey, Andy McCann, Peter Case 3–5
2020 James Grattan, Paul Dobson, Andy McCann, Jamie Brannen, Chris Jeffrey 3–4
2021[a] James Grattan, Jonathan Beuk, Andy McCann, Jamie Brannen, Kevin Keefe 4–4
2022 James Grattan, Darren Moulding, Paul Dobson, Andy McCann, Jamie Brannen 3–5
2024 James Grattan, Joel Krats, Paul Dobson, Andy McCann

Women's edit

Winners of the New Brunswick Scotties Tournament of Hearts:

Year Team Hearts record
2011 Andrea Kelly, Denise Nowlan, Jillian Babin, Lianne Sobey 3–8
2012 Andrea Kelly, Rebecca Atkinson (skip), Jillian Babin, Jodie deSolla 5–6
2013 Andrea Crawford, Rebecca Atkinson, Danielle Parsons, Jodie deSolla 6–5
2014 Andrea Crawford, Rebecca Atkinson, Danielle Parsons, Jodie deSolla 6–5
2020 Andrea Crawford, Jennifer Armstrong, Jillian Babin, Katie Forward 4–4

Mixed edit

Year Team Canadian Mixed record
2012 James Grattan, Rebecca Atkinson, Kevin Boyle, Jane Boyle 7–4 (2013)
2019 Chris Jeffrey, Jillian Keough, Brian King, Katie Forward 5–4

Junior women's edit

Year Team Canadian Juniors record
2022 Celia Evans, Brooke Tracy, Julia Evans, Sierra Tracy 5–4

Curling Club championships edit

The club won the Canadian Curling Club Championships in 2023, when Abby Burgess and her rink of Brooke Tracy, Samantha Crook and Hannah Williams won the women's event.[6]

Year Team Canadian Club Championships record
2018 (men's) Trevor Hanson, Chris Jenkins, Jeff Rankin, Chris Cogswell 2–4
2023 (women's) Abby Burgess, Brooke Tracy, Samantha Crook, Hannah Williams 8–2

Notes edit

  1. ^ No Tankard held that year due to the COVID-19 pandemic in New Brunswick. Team selected to represent New Brunswick at the Brier.

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