Gael Linn Cup 1982

The 1982 Gael Linn Cup, the most important representative competition for elite level participants in the women's team field sport of camogie, was won by Munster, who defeated Leinster in the final, played at Na Fianna, Glasnevin.[1][2]

Gael Linn Cup 1982
Championship Details
Gael Linn Cup winners
Winners Munster (6th title)
Gael Linn Cup Runners-up
Runners-up Leinster
Matches played 3


Leinster defeated Ulster 10–17 to 2–4 at Eglish, Munster defeated Connacht 2–3 to 0–2 at Tynagh. A last minute point by Mary O'Leary, who scored 2–8 in all, helped Munster defeat Leinster 3–10 to 2–12 at Na Fianna Grounds.[3][4][5][6][7] She had done the same in the All-Ireland final few weeks previously, Munster's other goal came from Marion Sweeney five minutes into the second half, which proved the turning point of the game. Angela Downey scored 1–6 for Leinster, who pressed for an equaliser throughout the three minutes of added time.

Gael Linn TrophyEdit

Leinster defeated Ulster by 3–11 to 1–4 in the trophy semi-final at Eglish while Connacht defeated Munster 3–3 to 0–5 at Na Fianna. Leinster defeated Connacht by 3–16 to 2–8 in the final.

Final stagesEdit

Munster3–10 – 2–12Leinster


GK 1 Marion McCarthy (Cork)
FB 2 Eileen Dineen (Cork)
RWB 3 Miriam Higgins (Cork)
CB 4 Cathy Landers (Cork)
LWB 5 Martha Kearney (Cork)
MF 6 Vera Mackey (Limerick)
MF 7 Marion Sweeney (Cork)
MF 8 Ber O'Brien (Limerick)
RWF 9 Mary O'Leary (Cork)
CF 10 Deirdre Lane (Tipperary)
LWF 11 Geraldine McCarthy (Cork)
FF 12 Bríd Stokes (Limerick)
GK 1 Kathleen Tonks (Wexford)
FB 2 Anne O'Brien (Dublin)
RWB 3 Ann Downey (Killkenny)
CB 4 Bridie McGarry (Killkenny)
LWB 5 Bernie Toner (Dublin)
MF 6 Elsie Walsh (Wexford)
MF 7 Barbara Redmond (Dublin)
MF 8 Edel Murphy (Dublin)
RWF 9 Anna McManus (Dublin)
CF 10 Marion Conroy (Dublin)
LWF 11 Angela Downey (Killkenny)
FF 12 Jo Dunne (Killkenny)

Junior FinalEdit



GK 1 Toni O'Byrne (Dublin)
FB 2 Claire Rainey (Dublin)
RWB 3 Antoinette Merriman (Kildare)
CB 4 Mary Duane (Dublin)
LWB 5 Anna Miggan (Kildare)
MF 6 Miriam Malone (Kildare)
MF 7 Anne Thorpe (Dublin)
MF 8 Catherine Ledwidge (Dublin)
RWF 9 Eithne O'Hehir (Dublin)
CF 10 Anne Colgan (Dublin)
LWF 11 Noleen Maguire (Louth)
FF 12 Noreen Fleming (Dublin)
GK 1 Carmel Briscoe (Galway)
FB 2 Ann Gallagher (Galway)
RWB 3 Deirdre Dillon (Galway)
CB 4 Claire Geraghty (Galway)
LWB 5 Kitty Hoey (Galway)
MF 6 Mairéad Coyle (Rocommon)
MF 7 Breda Kenny (Galway)
MF 8 Pauline O'Connor (Rocommon)
RWF 9 Jackie Rodgers (Rocommon)
CF 10 Angela Manning (Galway)
LWF 11 Deirdre Lawless (Galway)
FF 12 Margaret O'Reilly (Galway)


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