Gabriela Rivero

Gabriela Rivero Abaroa (born September 15, 1963 in Mexico City, Mexico), better known as Gaby Rivero, is an actress and singer. Best remembered for portraying Maestra Jimena (character played in telenovelas Carrusel and Carousel of the Americas).[1]

Gabriela Rivero Abaroa
Born (1963-09-15) September 15, 1963 (age 57)


Gabriela Rivero Abaroa was born on September 15, 1964 in Mexico City. She is the daughter of Maria de Lourdes Abaroa and Mario Rivero. She began her career as a model and dancer. In 1984 she hosted the children's show Xe-Tu with René Casados, also guest-starring in the La Hora del Gane show. Afterwards she was cast in several telenovelas such as The Secret Path (costarring Daniela Romo), Carrusel (with Augusto Benedico), The Edge of Death (with Humberto Zurita), among others. She was the host of the Gaby's Club (El Club de Gaby) show in 1993, after recording a children's album which achieved great success. In 1994 she starred in the movie Una Maestra con Angel in 1994 and worked in several plays such as The Magic Carousel, The Wizard of Oz, Don Juan Tenorio (a play that Gonzalo Vega stages every year) between others. She has released three albums: Club Gaby, Imagination, Gaby's Club to the Rescue and Singing to Cri-Cri.

Rivero took part in the Despierta América variety show based in Miami, where she lived for several years after marrying photographer Luis Francisco Ricote on June 12, 1993. The couple has three daughters: Gala, Lara and Maya.

Gabriela Rivero gained international fame in the late 1980s, with the television series Carrusel, where she played the role of teacher Ms. Jimena. This story was also broadcast in Brazil. After playing the part of Mariela in the telenovela At Half Past Dead, she reprised her role as Ms. Jimena in the television series Carousel of the Americas (1992), a program created for the Quincentennial of the Discovery of America 1992. In 1997, she stars in the telenovela Sin Ti (telenovela) where she shares credits with René Strickler and seven years afterwards she returned to Mexican telenovelas starring in Hearts to the limit where she plays Sonia. In 2005 she played Lucrecia in Piel de Otoño and in 2007 she plays Fortunata in Passion, a spinster devoted to gossiping among the neighbors. She shares credits with Fernando Colunga and Susana Gonzalez in addition to her daughter Maya, all the telenovelas were originally broadcast by El Canal de las Estrellas of Televisa.

Currently hosts the show I Need a Friend, with co-host Mimi Lazo, in which they address letters from people who request the help of a friend. the show is remembered for the catchphrase: if you need a friend, here you have two. The show is broadcast by Univision.







Awards and nominationsEdit

Awards TVyNovelasEdit

Year Category Program / Telenovela Result
1987 Best Actress The secret path Winner
1990 Best Actress Carrusel Nominated
1992 Best leading actress The Edge of Death Nominated

Music albumsEdit

  • 'Club Gaby, Imagination'
  1. Imagination
  2. The Club Gaby
  3. I am a Taco
  4. Word Search
  5. Hello
  6. Story: "Jimmy and Ivory Cormillo"
  7. Don Paco Wheels
  8. Read a Book
  9. My Friend the Dinosaur
  10. Story: "Estrellina"
  11. I Taste So
  12. In the Middle of Dreams
  13. Imagination
  • 'Club Gaby, To the Rescue'
  1. Overture [Medley Album "Imagination"]
  2. Jazz Traffic Jam
  3. A Beautiful Place
  4. Fly
  5. Tale Monarch: "The Butterfly"
  6. Hip Hop In The Colors
  7. Story: "Abelina, The Bee Dancer"
  8. The giggle
  9. Zoo (City Zoo)
  10. The Rescue
  11. The Planets
  12. For Always (Song Gala)
  13. The Club Gaby
  • 'They sing Cricri'
  1. The Raton Vaquero ... Vaselines (They)
  2. It rains ... Mariana Garza
  3. Say Why ... Bibi Gaytan
  4. Caminito School ... Kabah (They)
  5. The junkman ... Alejandra Guzman
  6. The Hunt ... Alix
  7. The Maquinita ... Aracely Arambula
  8. Dance of the Puppets ... Anahi
  9. The Phone ... Lissette
  10. 'The Dog ... Gaby Rivero '
  11. The Patita ... Angelica Vale
  12. Mice Walkers ... Yvette and Yvonne
  13. Song of The Witches ... Calo (They)


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