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Gabby Duran & the Unsittables is an American sci-fi comedy television series created by Mike Alber and Gabe Snyder that premiered on Disney Channel on October 11, 2019. Based on the novel Gabby Duran and the Unsittables by Elise Allen and Daryle Conners, the series stars Kylie Cantrall, Maxwell Acee Donovan, Callan Farris, Coco Christo, Valery Ortiz, and Nathan Lovejoy.

Gabby Duran & the Unsittables
Gabby Duran & the Unsittables Logo.jpg
Created byMike Alber & Gabe Snyder
Based onGabby Duran and the Unsittables
by Elise Allen and Daryle Conners
Theme music composer
Opening theme"I Do My Thing"
by Kylie Cantrall
Composer(s)Oleksa Lozowchuk
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes19
Executive producer(s)
  • Ian Hay
  • Ian R. Smith
Production location(s)Vancouver, Canada
CinematographyToby Gorman
Camera setupSingle-camera
Running time24 minutes
Production company(s)Omnifilm Entertainment
Original networkDisney Channel
Picture formatHDTV 720p
Audio format5.1 surround sound
Original releaseOctober 11, 2019 (2019-10-11) –
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After living in the shadows of her successful mother and smart younger sister even when they move to Havensburg, Colorado, Gabby Duran finds her moment to shine when she gets a job from Principal Swift to babysit an unruly group of extraterrestrial children who have been hiding out on Earth disguised as humans. Gabby resourcefully and fearlessly steps up to the challenge to protect the children and their secret identities.[1][2]

Cast and charactersEdit


  • Kylie Cantrall as Gabby Duran,[3] a resourceful and courageous 13-year-old girl who finally gets her moment to shine after landing a job to babysit extraterrestrial children.
  • Maxwell Acee Donovan as Wesley, Gabby's best friend and conspiracy theorist. He helps to share the secret of Gabby's babysitting job as of "Wesley and the Fischman." In "Tailoring Swift," it is revealed that Wesley is allergic to wool.
  • Callan Farris as Jeremy, a shape-shifting blob alien called a Gor-Monite from the planet Gor-Monia and Gabby's first babysitting assignment who is the heir to the Gor-Monia throne. In the episode "Enter the Dranis," it is revealed that Jeremy's real name is Franis and has begun to see Julius as a friend. Farris also voices Jeremy's Gor-Monite form.
  • Coco Christo as Olivia, Gabby's overachieving little sister. She finds out about Gabby's babysitting job around "Wesley Jr." and "The Note" where she considered the aliens dangerous until she met Jeremy.
  • Valery Ortiz as Dina, Gabby's caring and career-driven mother who works as a news reporter at Channel 6
  • Nathan Lovejoy as Principal Swift,[3] the principal of Havensburg Junior High, a Gor-Monite, and the uncle of Jeremy who enlists Gabby to babysit Jeremy and some alien children. In the episode "Enter the Dranis," it is revealed that his real name is Granis and is the brother of Gor-Monia's Supreme Leader who he has a poor relationship with. Lovejoy also voices Swift's Gor-Monite form.


  • Laara Sadiq as Orb, a Gor-Monite Technological Orb that works for Principal Swift and keeps an eye on Jeremy when Principal Swift is occupied
  • Kheon Clarke as Julius, a waiter at Luchachos.
  • Elle McKinnon as Sky, a telepathic alien girl who becomes Gabby's friend


On August 3, 2018, Disney Channel green-lit the sci-fi comedy series as a straight-to-series order, with production underway in Vancouver, Canada, for a 2019 premiere. Kirby Buckets' Mike Alber and Gabe Snyder serve as showrunners and executive producers. Just Add Magic's Joe Nussbaum also serves as executive producer. Grey's Anatomy's Nzingha Stewart directs the first episode.[1][2][4] On August 2, 2019, it was revealed that the series would premiere in October 2019.[5] On August 29, 2019, Disney Channel announced an exact premiere date of October 11, 2019. The series is a production of Gabby Productions, Ltd.[6][7] On October 7, 2019, it was announced that Disney Channel renewed the series for a second season ahead of its series premiere.[8]


Season Episodes First aired Last aired Avg. viewers
Date Viewers
Date Viewers
1 19 October 11, 2019 (2019-10-11) 0.57[9] March 20, 2020 (2020-03-20) 0.50[10] 0.48


No.Title [11][12]Directed byWritten byOriginal air date [11][12]Prod.
code [13]
U.S. viewers
1"So Your Gor-Monite Child Is Going to Explode"Nzingha StewartMike Alber & Gabe SnyderOctober 11, 2019 (2019-10-11)1010.57[9]

Having moved to Havensburg with her sister Olivia and mother Dina, Gabby Duran has been uncomfortable. After one ploy to get herself expelled, Gabby is sent to apologize to Principal Swift. When Gabby has an encounter with a blob-like alien, she is roped into babysitting alien children by Principal Swift, who is also an alien. Gabby's first job is babysitting Jeremy, Principal Swift's alien nephew, and must work to keep him from exploding after he has a lot of soda.

Guest stars: Rasik Rana as Fish Boy, Natalie Harris as Fish Mom, Tommy Europe as Android Dad
2"Wesley and the Fischman"Joe NussbaumMike Alber & Gabe SnyderOctober 18, 2019 (2019-10-18)TBA0.49[14]
Principal Swift wants Gabby to choose between her babysitting job and her friend Wesley. During this time, Gabby's next client is a fish-like alien named Stuart who comes from the planet Vitrious Prime. When Wesley accidentally comes into Principal Swift's house and scares Stuart, Gabby ropes him into getting Stuart back before anyone sees him. Meanwhile, Jeremy and Principal Swift try to learn about human culture, but their attempts do not end well.
3"Crybaby Duran"Joe NussbaumHeather Mathious & Linda MacGillvrayOctober 25, 2019 (2019-10-25)TBA0.53[15]

Gabby hears a rumor that she was a crybaby when she first moved to Havensburg. Upon enlisting a telepathic alien named Sky, who she is watching, Gabby disguises her as a human in order to find out who started the rumor. When Sky overloads, Gabby turns to Principal Swift for help. Meanwhile, Wesley suspects that his runaway dog has returned at the time when he keeps Sky's father fooled by matching her voice so that he does not find out that Sky is not there.

Guest star: Elle McKinnon as Sky

Absent: Coco Christo as Olivia, Valery Ortiz as Dina
4"Crushin' It"Sean McNamaraLacey Dyer & Julia LaytonNovember 1, 2019 (2019-11-01)1060.50[16]

Gabby develops a crush on a boy named Jace and her chances to impress him start to dwindle, especially since her latest babysitting job has her watching a Gwargwaran named Kali. Meanwhile, Jeremy and Principal Swift watch a romance movie to understand how love between humans works after hearing about Gabby's possible crush.

Guest stars: Ricardo Ortiz as Jace, Mia Bella as Kali

Absent: Coco Christo as Olivia, Valery Ortiz as Dina
5"Olivia Gone Wild"Keith SamplesAdam Aseraf & Hunter CopeNovember 15, 2019 (2019-11-15)1040.34[17]

Gabby is unable to watch Olivia, so Dina enlists a self-proclaimed super-sitter named Susie Glover to watch over her. This causes a competition between Gabby and Susie which results in Susie locking Gabby in her room so that she can take Olivia to the carnival. Meanwhile, Wesley secretly watches over Jeremy while Principal Swift is away. Jeremy even fools Wesley with a simulation that causes him to think that he accidentally blew up the planets of Gabby's clients. After breaking out, Gabby accidentally feeds Olivia some candy that Jeremy cautioned her about that overfills her with joy causing Gabby and Susie to work together to get Olivia calm. Gabby was able to get her a plush animal that did the job. When Dina asks about the door to Gabby's room being broken down, Olivia stated that Susie locked Gabby in. This causes Dina to give Susie zero stars and then to reattach the door. As Gabby and Olivia return to the carnival before it closes for the night, Susie secretly plans to have her revenge on them.

Guest star: Bracken Hanke as Susie

Absent: Nathan Lovejoy as Principal Swift
6"Día de la Dina"Sean McNamaraEugene Garcia-CrossNovember 22, 2019 (2019-11-22)1070.46[18]

Día de la Dina is coming up. As Olivia works on her present for her mother, Gabby plans to come up with a gift to make up for a vomiting incident that occurred last year when Gabby took her to Clams Casino. She ropes Wesley and Jeremy into helping her make a gift. Meanwhile, Principal Swift prepares for his return to Gor-Mon when his assignment on Earth is almost up.

Guest stars: Alex Rose as Glor-Bron, Laara Sadiq as Orb
7"The Darkness"Leslie Kolins SmallBen GlassNovember 29, 2019 (2019-11-29)1080.33[19]

After losing the opportunity to become the chief advisor to the King of Gor-Mon to another Gor-Monite and having his stay extended, Principal Swift has entered a type of depression referred to as "The Darkness" in Gor-Mon. During Swift's absence, Vice Principal Kipper becomes the acting principal. Gabby must work with the Orb to get Principal Swift out of "The Darkness." Meanwhile, Jeremy has shapeshifted into an object during his uncle's disappearance and Wesley assumes that he has turned into a watermelon that he works to keep safe.

Guest stars: Zibby Allen as Kipper, Laara Sadiq as Orb

Absent: Coco Christo as Olivia, Valery Ortiz as Dina
8"It's Christmas, Gabby Duran!"Joe NussbaumHuong NguyenDecember 6, 2019 (2019-12-06)1120.42[20]

It's Christmas time in Havensburg. Gabby and Olivia are looking forward to spending Christmas with their separated father Bruce who is coming in from Miami. When Bruce's transfer from Chicago is delayed, Olivia is depressed. To please Olivia, Gabby enlists Principal Swift to pose as Bruce until he can arrive. Meanwhile, Jeremy thinks that Santa Claus is an evil alien warlord and enlists Wesley to help set up traps to catch him. Though they reach a complication when they have ordered out for pizza.

Guest star: Dan Payne as Bruce
9"The Party King and Timbuk, Too"Keith SamplesMike Alber & Gabe SnyderDecember 13, 2019 (2019-12-13)1050.39[21]

Dina grounds Gabby after she took the garbage she was supposed to throw out and tried to drop it into the trash can from her window only to hit Dina's car. Principal Swift drops Jeremy off at Gabby's so that he can finish some Gor-Monite business. Gabby starts to throw a birthday party for Jeremy as he never had one where he invites all of his alien friends to attend which includes an Alstablocian named Timbuk where things start to get out of control. Meanwhile, Dina takes Olivia to a performance of "Football: The Opera" which starts to bore Olivia enough to not want to be rude and leave during the performance.

Guest stars: Brendan Sunderland as Timbuk, Laara Sadiq as Orb

Absent: Maxwell Acee Donovan as Wesley
10"Sky’s First Youth Overnight Sleeping Event"Leslie Kolins SmallVeronica RodriguezJanuary 10, 2020 (2020-01-10)1090.66[22]

Gabby invites Sky over to her house for a sleepover event. While shopping for stuff for the event, she is approached by Sky's father who found out about the incident that Gabby previous involved Sky in. He gives her a warning in the mindscape not to have any harm come to Sky or there will be grave consequences that involves him wiping her memory of Sky from Gabby's mind. To evade his wrath, Gabby works to keep Sky from being harmed until they are tempted to sneak out to get some epic selfies. Meanwhile, Principal Sky has continued Jeremy's lesson where he wants him to command a multiplying alien called a Blurble. When it gets out of hand, Jeremy manages to get them back in line before the Orb can destroy them. At the same time, Dina and Olivia do their sleepover in matching pajamas. After Gabby and Sky evade a security guard at one of the selfie events, they return home where Olivia, Dina (who is in a different pair of pajamas after throwing up on the other ones), and Sky's dad are waiting for them. Both of them are grounded for sneaking out. When Gabby takes Sky and Sky's dad into the mindscape to talk Sky's dad out of doing a mind-wipe, Sky's dad is convinced and allows his daughter to remain friends with Gabby with the grounding still standing. When in her room, Gabby enjoys looking at the selfies that she and Sky took.

Guest stars: Elle McKinnon as Sky, Laara Sadiq as Orb

Absent: Maxwell Acee Donovan as Wesley
11"Wesley Jr."Jon RosenbaumMike Alber & Gabe SnyderJanuary 17, 2020 (2020-01-17)1080.46[23]

Gabby ropes Wesley in watching over an alien egg when it's owners are vacationing in another galaxy. When it hatches, Wesley names it after himself. Gabby discovers that Wesley has been making journals about it where Gabby wanting him to dispose of it attracts his parents. This leads to Wesley having a session with the school counselor Terry who is into LARP. During this session, Principal Swift comes in to take over when he learns the contents of the journals. Meanwhile, Olivia works on coming up with a catchphrase for Dina when he approval ratings at Channel 6 are down. Gabby goes to check up on the alien bird and finds that it has grown and started shaking. Knowing that it won't calm down unless Wesley is there, Gabby comes in on Principal Swift's interrogation of Wesley and unwittingly comes clean about his knowledge of aliens. When at the house, Wesley's attempts to calm "Wesley Jr." down start to fail causing Gabby, Wesley, and Principal Swift to take cover in the bathroom. The resulting quake gives Olivia the idea on Dina's catchphrase. The quakes pass when "Wesley Jr." calms down as Principal Swift identifies it as a Va'taxian Vibra-Bird which quakes when it detects negative emotions. Gabby skimmed the information from the guide and didn't read all of it. In Principal Swift's office, both Gabby and Wesley are reprimanded for their actions as he expects them not to reveal the aliens on Earth information to someone else. When Gabby and Wesley go to the lockers, Gabby finds a large envelope in her locker with a message in it saying "I know your secret."

Guest stars: Kwashi Thomas as Guidance Counselor Terry, Kalvan Olafson as Wesley's Dad, Robyn Dane Edwards as Wesley's Mom

Absent: Callan Farris as Jeremy
12"The Note"Jon RosenbaumHunter Cope & Adam AserafJanuary 24, 2020 (2020-01-24)1110.49[24]

Continuing from the last episode, Gabby and Wesley work to find the person who has been sending the note and it's follow-ups demanding she give up babysitting aliens. After Gabby's unseen visit to the alien clients to see if it's a prank, she and Wesley look for possible human suspects. Meanwhile, Principal Swift partakes in a trust exercise with Jeremy who starts to grow a moustache following his painting hobby. After Jace and Susie Dustman each denied any knowledge of sending the letters to her, Gabby is called home by Dina who found another note at their house and has her confined to her to her room awaiting a confession. Upon getting a call from Wesley, Gabby enlists Jeremy to pose as her to fool Dina. Arriving at the library where the librarian Mrs. Choi has not gotten the Hopi book returned to her by Wesley who lost it, she does recognize the letters from some magazines that were cut out. They pursue the hooded note-maker and discover that it was Olivia who overheard about Gabby's job as she considers aliens dangerous. As Wesley pays for the magazine damages that Olivia did, Gabby does make Olivia acquainted with Jeremy as Olivia covers up the letter thing to Dina.

Guest stars: Ricardo Ortiz as Jace, Bracken Hanke as Susie
13"Gabby Duran: Genius"Joe NussbaumLinda Mathious & Heather MacGillvrayJanuary 31, 2020 (2020-01-31)TBA0.54[25]

When a sick Jeremy accidentally sneezes into Gabby's mouth, his phlegm alters Gabby's brain chemistry, turning her into a genius. Olivia urges her to use her newfound ability for good but at first, Gabby uses it to cheat and win prizes.The next day at school, Susie challenges Gabby to a math smackdown. The loser must eat Howard's locker hoagie. However, Gabby loses her ability soon after. She tries to get Jeremy to sneeze on her again but it's too late since Swift and the Orb have already found a cure for Jeremy's virus. Olivia helps Gabby study as much as she can in one day. During the math smackdown, Gabby gets all the answers wrong except one, undermining Susie's perfect record.

Guest stars: Bracken Hanke as Susie, Laara Sadiq as Orb

Absent: Maxwell Acee Donovan as Wesley
14"Who Is Joey Panther?"Leslie Kolins SmallLacey Dyer & Julia LaytonFebruary 7, 2020 (2020-02-07)1140.58[26]

Gabby is going to be attending Havensburg Junior High. She plans for her first dance there to be great until Wesley's weird friend Rhonda comes along as part of an agreement that was made years ago. Gabby meets a cool kid named Joey Panther who becomes her prom date. She discovers that it is a small alien named Fritz who Gabby previously babysat and built an android Joey Panther body. As she can't attend the dance because of her abilities, Sky can't resist going anyway and works to keep her distance.

Guest stars: Elle McKinnon as Sky, Hunter Dillon as Joey Panther

Absent: Callan Farris as Jeremy, Coco Christo as Olivia, Valery Ortiz as Dina, Nathan Lovejoy as Principal Swift
15"Fake News"Leslie Kolins SmallMike Alber & Gabe SnyderFebruary 21, 2020 (2020-02-21)1150.43[27]

While catching a Praxis fairy, Gabby and Olivia overhear their mother talking to their grandmother about plans to move the family back to Miami due to a lack of interesting news. To make Havensburg interesting, Gabby and Olivia enlist Jeremy, Sky, Kali, and a Vitrious Primian named Louis to do commit strange things around Havensburg. Meanwhile, Wesley wants to gain a position to help Principal Swift who has him clean out a supposed dangerous alien mold in his storage unit.

Guest stars: Elle McKinnon as Sky, Mia Bella as Kali, Laara Sadiq as Orb
16"Vortex & Night Train"Nimisha MukerjiEugene Garcia-CrossFebruary 28, 2020 (2020-02-28)1160.48[28]

Upon tripping over "Bagly Cooper," Wesley accidentally kisses Gabby which makes them feel awkward as Wesley claims that the kiss is a "best friend killer." Jeremy uses some mind-wiping technology from some "friends" of his which goes awry where it erases the next four hours instead of the last four hours. As they work to recollect what happened, Gabby and Wesley must find the device when the male and female Blorg that Jeremy is "friends" with want their device back. Meanwhile, Dina gets exposed to some sheded particles from one Gabby's latest clients which turns her head and neck green as Olivia works to find a way to undo it.

Absent: Nathan Lovejoy as Principal Swift
17"Tailoring Swift"Leslie Kolins SmallLacey Dyer & Julia LaytonMarch 6, 2020 (2020-03-06)1070.54[29]

Principal Swift puts Gabby on warning following a minor property damage during her latest babysitting on Kali. Her next assignment is watching Daria Mungo whose kind are the finest tailors in the universe. When Gabby stumbles into a room and gets caught by Mrs. Mungo, Swift believes their lie that Gabby caused trouble for them and warns Gabby that there won't be a next time if she messes up. With Wesley providing a diversion, Gabby goes to find out what they are up to and gets caught enough for Swift to suspend her from babysitting. Meanwhile, Olivia is planning to throw out her old toy Tattery Tom until Jeremy asks if he can have it. When Jeremy works on it, it causes trouble for him and Olivia who get knocked out. When they come to, the Orb states that she took care of Tattery Tom. Upon getting the secret plans, Gabby and the Orb discover that the Mungos plan to make a suit out of Swift's Gor-Monite form as he discovers that Gabby was right about them. Gabby was able to rescue Swift while having the plans that she swiped from them. Swift has the Mungos placed under alien citizen's arrest as he apologizes to Gabby for not believing her. As for the Orb, she secretly has Tattery Tom in her storage area.

Guest stars: Loretta Walsh as Mrs. Mungo, Geoff Gustafson as Mr. Mungo, Mia Bella as Kali, Laara Sadiq as Orb

Absent: Valery Ortiz as Dina
18"Warm, Thick, and Saucy"Siobhan DevineRoss ZimmermanMarch 13, 2020 (2020-03-13)1180.41[30]

Luchachos is having it's 20th anniversary. While helping in the preparation for the party, Gabby is left watching an Inviso-Lizard for a client. The pet gets loose and Gabby and Wesley try to catch it which causes a mess and causing Mama Lucha to ban them for life. Meanwhile, Principal Swift goes through a clense and Jeremy loses the DNA for Swift's hair as he is trapped in sandwich form. Jeremy gets a hair sample from a man named Bodean Jones. Finding out that the Inviso-Lizard laid eggs in the carnitas, Gabby and Wesley sneak back in to get the eggs and get caught. Gabby manages to get the final egg out of the sauce and throws up after eating it. Moments later, the ban is lifted as they are told by the manager that the sauce had opossum meat in it which is a health violation. Gabby and Wesley leave Luchachos as they had left the tip for Julius to take.

Absent: Coco Christo as Olivia, Valery Ortiz as Dina
19"Enter the Dranis"Joe NussbaumVeronica Rodriguez, Mike Alber & Gabe SnyderMarch 20, 2020 (2020-03-20)119–1200.50[10]
After some recent babysitting jobs, Gabby is invited to babysit a client's child on the vacation planet Paradi-Zon. Running this by Principal Swift, Gabby is advised not to accept as he never heard of Paradi-Zon. Gabby does anyway as Wesley packs her som necessities. Meanwhile, Principal Swift is contacted by Glor-Bron to check in on Jeremy's lessons for the Supreme Leader. They do a luchador fight that has Principal Swift and Jeremy beating up a dummy of Glor-Bon. After sending it, they are contacted by Glor-Bron again who states that if the video is not to the Supreme Leader's liking, they will be reassigned to Rottenous-5. This causes Principal Swift and Jeremy to go to Gor-Monia to delete the footage. After being seen off by Wesley while picked up, Gabby finds herself not on Paradi-Zon. Instead, she is on Gor-Monia where she is captured by Jeremy's sister Dranis. She has Gabby thrown in the prison and plans to blow up Havensburg when Jeremy comes to rescue her. Principal Swift hears that Gabby took the invite as he and Jeremy deny to have Wesley come along. Olivia finds that Gabby is not home and finds the invitation causing her to sneak by Dina in order to rescue her. With help from the prisoners, Gabby escapes from her prison and makes her way to the security room in order to thwart Dranis' plot. When she arrives, she does use it as one of her selfie opportunities. While looking for the controls, Principal Swift and Jeremy arrive where Principal Swift does an "I told you so" moment. Wesley also arrives upon finding a spare spacesuit which he put on backwards. Before they can look for the controls, Dranis arrives and traps everyone except for Jeremy. The way that Dranis plans to blow up Havensburg is to set Principal Swift's Orb to self-destruct. This serves as bad news for Olivia when she comes to Principal Swift's house to get the information on Gabby's location. Knowing that even Julius will perish, Jeremy finally talks with Dranis through an argument that she never showed up to see him off. After reconciling, Dranis admits that she doesn't know how to turn off the self-destruct button. This causes Gabby to damage the controls until it deactivates the Orb's self-destruct sequence in front of Olivia. The Supreme Leader returns from his meeting to find everyone in the room. After Dranis explains her actions, the Supreme Leader explains that this is why he separated his children. Gabby does come up with a compromise to have Dranis visit once in a while. As for the video Swift works for, it is no longer required when it turns out that Glor-Bron was actually assigned to be Dranis' babysitter which he is terrible at. Though Swift does take his plunger back from Glor-Bron. When they return to Earth, Principal Swift finds Olivia near the Orb as Gabby begins to explain about it. In a twist ending, Dina shows up having tracked Olivia's phone and she has just heard the world "alien." During the credits, all of Gabby's selfie pics with Little Wesley are shown. Guest stars: Kimia Esfahani as Dranis, Alex Rose as Glor-bron, Jason Simpson as Supreme Leader, Laara Sadiq as Orb


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