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GATE is an organisation and think tank on gender identity, sex characteristics and bodily diversity (transgender and intersex) issues.[1][2] The current executive director is Mauro Cabral Grinspan.[3] Mauro Cabral Grinspan is an Argentinian intersex and trans activist, and signatory of the Yogyakarta Principles.[4]

PurposeTransgender and intersex rights, education and peer support
Executive directors
Mauro Cabral



Former co-directors included Justus Eisfeld, a co-founder of Transgender Europe and a contributor to the Activist's Guide for the Yogyakarta Principles in Action and Masen Davis, also formerly Executive Director of the Transgender Law Center. The organization was founded in 2009. [5]


The mission of GATE includes;

  • Promoting respect and celebration of all forms of gender identity, gender expression and bodily diversity.
  • Aiming to promote and defend human rights.
  • Working for the empowerment and self-determination of all people, dismantling violence, discrimination and stigma on grounds of gender identity, gender expression and bodily diversity, and dismantling "psycho-medical and legal obstacles to autonomy and self-determination".
  • GATE bases its "work on intersectional, decolonial and collective practices."[6]


The organization works on reform of medical protocols, HIV response, and access to funding.[7] In 2014, GATE and American Jewish World Service published a first study on transgender and intersex access to funding.[8]

The GATE also has a connection with Julia Ehrt of Transgender Europe in Germany and Tamara Adrian of International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Intersex Law Association in Venezuela. It also maintains a durable relationship with United Nations Special Rapporteurs and NGOs, and tries to advance its political agenda through lobbying at the United Nations and WHO.[9] On 17 June, GATE also contributed to the resolution of UN Human Rights Council presented by South Africa along with Brazil concerning human rights on sexual orientation and gender identity.[10] And on 30 June 2011, Mauro Cabral, the co-director made a speech at the European Parliament Subcommittee on Human Rights for the trans and intersex rights.[11][original research?]

Awards and recognitionEdit

In July 2015, Cabral was a co-recipient of the inaugural Bob Hepple Equality Award, alongside Pragna Patel of Southall Black Sisters.[7] The award is named for Bob Hepple, the former lawyer of Nelson Mandela.[12] The Oxford Human Rights Hub comments, "Cabral was crucial in the process leading to the enactment of Argentina’s Gender Identity Law in 2012, a law which has been extensively cited in court decisions on gender identity cases, including the Indian Supreme Court, and which has inspired legislation reform in countries including Malta, the Netherlands and Sweden."[7]

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