G1, G01, G.I, G-1, or G One may refer to:

Science and technologyEdit


  • Globular cluster Mayall II
  • YGKOW G1, a giant elliptical galaxy that lensed the Twin Quasar
  • G1 star, a subclass of G-class stars
  • G1, a cloud that passed by Sagittarius A* around 2001-2002
  • g1, temporary designation of minor planet 2014 PN70, a New Horizons flyby candidate


  • Garbage-first collector, of the Oracle HotSpot Java virtual machine
  • G1, in ISO 2022 character sets, one of 4 groups of characters that may be swapped into the encoding space via control codes





  • G1 Climax, an annual professional wrestling singles tournament held by New Japan Pro Wrestling
  • Group One, the highest level races in horseracing

Other usesEdit

  • G1 Group, a Scottish hospitality and leisure operator
  • G1 (website), a Brazilian news portal owned by Grupo Globo
  • G1 licence, the first tier in the graduated licensing programme for Ontario's new drivers
  • G.One (character), an android super hero, titular character of the 2011 Bollywood science fiction film Ra.One
  • Gangwon No.1 Broadcasting, a Seoul Broadcasting System television channel in Gangwon Province
  • Transformers: Generation 1, toy line which ran from 1984 to 1992
    • The Transformers (TV series), animated television series meant to promote the toy line which aired from 1984 to 1987 (popularly referred to as Generation 1 after the rebranding of the franchise to Transformers: Generation 2 in 1992)

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