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G is the seventh letter of the Latin alphabet.

G may also refer to:


Arts, entertainment and mediaEdit

Fictional charactersEdit

  • G, a fictional character in the game Club Penguin
  • G, a fictional character in Sega's The House of the Dead series
  • G (Street Fighter), a fictional character in the Street Fighter series
  • Mr G, or Mr Gregson, a fictional character in the Australian TV comedy Summer Heights High





Other musicEdit

  • A prefix used to denote the Gérard catalog, a catalogue of Luigi Boccherini's works compiled by Yves Gérard

Rating systemsEdit

G is a common type of content rating that applies to media entertainment, such as films, television shows and computer games, generally denoting "General Audience" meaning that access is not restricted. The following organizations all use the rating:

The "G" rating is further documented at Motion picture content rating system and Television content rating system.

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Mathematics and scienceEdit

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In computingEdit

  • "G", a visual programming language for National Instruments' LabVIEW
  • G, the customary prefix for Gibi, the binary multiple meaning 10243 = 1073741824
  • G-code, common name for computer numerical control (CNC) programming language

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In physicsEdit

With respect to electromagnetismEdit

With respect to gravitationEdit

Other uses in physicsEdit

  • Gibbs free energy, a function of thermodynamics
  • Gluon (g), a fundamental particle which mediates the strong interaction
  • Shear modulus, in materials science, the ratio of shear stress to shear strain in a material

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