Gülfem Hatun (Ottoman Turkish: کلفام خاتون‎; died c. 1561–62) was a lady-in-waiting to Suleiman the Magnificent (reign 1520–1566).

Gülfem Hatun
Diedc. 1561–62
Eski Palace, Beyazıt Square, Istanbul, Ottoman Empire
Gülfem Hatun Mosque, Istanbul
ReligionSunni Islam


Throughout Suleiman the Magnificent's reign (reign 1520–1566), she enjoyed a considerable status within the imperial harem, thus she is supposed by some authors to have been a concubine of Suleiman's or the stewardess of his harem[1] and received 150 aspers a day.[2]

In 1522 she commissioned a fountain in Yenişehir, and in 1524 another fountain in Manisa.[3] In September 1542, she commissioned a soup kitchen in Üsküdar.[4] In March 1543 she established the financial ground work to built a "timber frame mosque"[5][6] now known as the "Gülfem Hatun Mosque",[7] located near the soup kitchen. According to a local tradition, the mosque was intended for the use of women and opened to men only in recent times.[8][9] A school is also present near the mosque.[10]

She died in 1561–62, and was buried in her own mosque.[11]

In popular cultureEdit

  • In the 2003 Turkish TV miniseries, Hürrem Sultan, Gülfem Hatun was played by Turkish actress Yasemin Kozanoğlu.
  • In the 2011–2014 Turkish historical fiction TV series Muhteşem Yüzyıl, Gülfem was portrayed by Turkish actress Selen Özturk.


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